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Yahoo is one of the most popular apps running on the web. Millions of people use this amazing service for their personal or commercial use. You can easily access this application on Android or iOS device. Here we are providing you the complete information regarding sign in issues with their solution. • If your App is running slow Yahoo apps work best with the latest version of the operating system software. Before trying any of the steps you need to make sure that you are using the latest OS version for your device. Complete each step before moving to the next one:  You need to delete the cache and temporary files, settings, and sign-in credentials.  When you force stop an application, its memory will refresh automatically.  Maybe the application which you are using is corrupted. Uninstall it and need to install it again.  Some Yahoo features are only available in the desktop version. If you can't search a feature you're looking for in a Yahoo app, you need to check out the list of Yahoo features not available on mobile devices. • Maybe two-step verification is enabled Maybe you have activated the two-step verification for your account. It is another layer of security. It uses both password and an extra security code which will be sent to your phone to confirm your identity while logging. • Maybe Yahoo account key is activated Yahoo account security Key is safer to secure your account and authenticates you to skip Sign in the process using a password. Once it is turned on, Yahoo sends a notification to the mobile device which you have configured with your account. You just need to approve it. You can only access Yahoo account if you owe the configured mobile device. • Maybe you’re using an old version of the Yahoo App You need to check the version of the Yahoo application which you are using. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Yahoo app. If not, then you need to update the Yahoo application from the play store. • Due to the connection error You need to make sure that your device is properly connected to the internet. If it can’t, then your application will not work. To check that your device is connected to the internet or not, you just need to go through these steps: If you are using Wi-Fi networks  You need to swipe down to access the notification menu.  Click on the Wi-Fi  You can check them if your device is connected to a network. If you are using Mobile data  Click on the Settings option.  Click on the “More” settings button.  Click Mobile networks.  Choose Mobile data. These are some common issues with their troubleshoot solution which you may face while accessing Yahoo account on your Android device. To know more, you can make a connection with Yahoo experts by dialing autonomous Yahoo support service number is available on the web.