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Those, looking out for getting a good flooring, cork flooring happens to be one of the best options they can choose from. There are several qualities about cork flooring which you will find very pleasing and appealing. Another important aspect about cork flooring is that, it is environmental friendly, which is very much needed these days. Apart from being affordable and durable, cork flooring are also easy to maintain too. To know more benefits about cork floorings, kindly continue reading this article. As, the resource material of cork flooring is renewable, this helps in saving of trees as, cork is derived from the bark of cork trees, which do not need to be cut for making the flooring. The bark has to be stripped off the tree and grounded into small pieces in order to make the flooring. There are several methods like paints, baking and stains, by which the color of the bark can be changed. Due to its cellular structure, a wine bottle cork can be resumed back to its original shape in spite of it being popped off from the bottle. Even if the cork is damaged to the extent of forty percent, it can still go back to the way it was. This, in turn, means that, the cork flooring will be able to withstand high traffic and furniture movement with amazing resilience. As, cork contains a waxy substance known as suberin, cork flooring basement helps in protecting people from insects, germs and microbes. In short, people with immune system difficulties and allergies will have no problems whatsoever with cork flooring. Doing it on your own without taking any assistance from professionals will give you the best results for basement flooring. The outcome of doing it on your own will definitely be of immense satisfaction for you. There are two options available as far as installing cork flooring is concerned, tiles and planks. One can either choose furnished or unfurnished tiles for doing the job, depending on how much time you have on your hands. Vinyl topcoat is needed for furnished tiles. Once the installation of unfurnished cork flooring is done you will have to place several urethane layers on it. Usage of either adhesive or glue is a must for installation of cork flooring. It is very important for you to do proper preparations for the room you plan to floor. While, the task of installing cork flooring will take only a couple of days, its benefits can be enjoyed for years to come. Cork flooring is a necessity for those wanting to control temperature and sound as cork flooring makes for a fantastic insulator. The cellular composition of cork makes it a natural sound proof one and help in reducing the noise levels. Also, with cork best basement flooring being energy efficient, you can also witness a drastic drop in your monthly electricity bills and save money. For more info:bathroom flooring