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A big difference in electricity bills can be achieved through natural ways of powering the home or office. At the same time proper cleaning and maintenance is important to keep these alternative power sources such as solar panels working properly. It is true that solar panel installation Ontario has to be kept away from dirt and residue. Importance of cleaning • solar panel maintenance services is essential especially if you have a solar panel system atop of the building. • Once it became dirty, the dirt and grime can grow and affect the performance of the whole system. • In that case, you will want to look for some kind of dirt removal method.• There are many proper and proven ways to clean solar panels effectively. • Solar panels need to be cleaned with great care and attention. They are delicate and can only draw in the sunlight energy if they are clear. • Scratches on the panels during the cleaning process can defeat the purpose and performance of the system and the system may start accumulating dirt and grime. • Solar panels are expensive to replace, so give utmost care while cleaning. Methods of cleaningThere are many DIY methods for off grid solar cleaning if you have a solar panel system. You will want to use a method that does not damage the system while remove the dirt and grime efficiently. If you choose to clean the system on your own, then start from inspecting the cells regularly. Regular inspection of solar pool heating will help you determine when dust removal process should be done before the grime can affect the performance of equipment. Check out whether there are any cracked cells and connectors are tight and working good. You can perform DIY cleaning with a few things in hand that include warm water, soft detergent, sponge and a soft drying cloth. Pour the warm water and detergent over the surface of the cells and carefully scrub the dirt using the sponge. Once they are cleaned and soap is removed fully, let them dry using the soft cloth. Leaving a little soap can create streaks on the cells, which will affect the performance of the system. This will help you for the off grid solar power cleaning as well as proper maintenance of your solar system.You can use cleaners on the cells but before use any, check with the manufacturers’ instructions. You can think of hiring a professional cleaning service if you are unaware or scared of cleaning on your own. There are a lot of professional cleaning companies that can get your system cleaned and maintained well using the right products. No matter if you choose to clean it yourself or hire a company, the end goal is to getting a well cleaned and maintained off grid solar ontario system that harness the sunlight at the best possible manner and reduces your electricity bill.