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It is really hard for students to attend schools in summers. But school authorities can attract students to summer schools by introducing various activities and trips which will help students to learn and enjoy the summer schools. Different ways are discussed to make summer school attractive which kids would love to attend. 1. Introduce educational games Educational games are full of education and entertainment. These games are also helpful in learning, the concepts and morals are presented in the form of games which are easy to comprehend and store in mind. These games are also helpful for retaining information for longer. These games are a great source to attract students for summer school. 2. Announce educational trips Educational trips are informational and recreational as well. Kids are fond of trips and this idea is going to be operative for successful summer schools. Monotonous educational life becomes boring and that’s why students don’t feel like attending summer schools. Trips to various historical places would refresh kids and they will also get to know about different historical places. 3. Group projects on different themes Kids like to work in a group. They feel connected with other members of their groups. Assign each group a different theme and ask them to present their activities in the class. These group projects also attract students to attend summer schools. These activities also make summer schools colorful and students spend pleasant time in these schools. Group projects promote altruism and unity among kids. 4. Give gifts and rewards to students who score well in academics and games Kids are always attracted to gifts and rewards. They work hard to earn these gifts. This reward system is also the best way to promote competition in students. Reinforce all the students and encourage them to work hard. It will also enhance their confidence. Kids become happy by getting petty gifts so, kids become happy as well as feel motivated enough to work hard in future. 5. Introduce art classes Art classes are full of colors and joy. Teach kids new and interesting arts tips. Kids enjoy a lot in arts classes and learn in the playful environment. Art classes make kids bright and creative. They try to express their imaginations in their drawings. Encourage kids to express their ideas in the form of drawings; such activities are essential for proper mental growth. The kids become efficient learners and explorer which helps them in their lives in education and work as well. Initial years of life are important in shaping kids so; these arts activities are going to enhance their creative sides. These are some of the tips to make summer schools attractive and kids would love to attend these schools. The things kids learn in summer schools shape their personality. They learn to cooperate and coordinate with other class fellows and compete with each other in a positive way. Picnics and recreational activities keep kids fresh and they learn in an efficient way with relaxed mind. Make summer school appealing by following the above mentioned tips. Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Susan James. She is an Art Teacher and a writer at cheap assignment writing service who writes for a private magazine on topics related to education, technology and schools.