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Living in a boarding school can be a good opportunity for students. But along with its advantages it does offer its own set of problems as well.

The concept of boarding schools and hostels has been around for a very long time. People in different parts of the world sent their children for education and personal grooming to various educational institutions and training centers. It allowed students from various areas and places to get the best education and study opportunities that might not be available in their own regions. It is also a method of enforcing more focused study practices and inculcating disciplined approach in all other activities of daily life of a student.
However, while studying and residing at boarding schools, students may face a number of different problems. Some of these problems have been highlighted below:

1. Being Homesick:

The number one problem faced by students in boarding schools is living away from their homes and families. This problem is more common in new comers who take a lot of time in accepting this boarding school as their home away from home. Remembering your parents, siblings, family members and friends is not unusual when you are away from them and living in a strange location with unknown people. Feelings of depression and Distress are sometimes followed with this homesickness.

2. Roommate Problemsb:

In most of the boarding schools students have to share their rooms and spaces with other students. These roommates may not have the same ideas, habits and lifestyle as you. In such situations where you find your roommate annoying or irritating, spending considerable time can be a bit of a problem.

3. Privacy Issues:

Many of us like to maintain a specific amount of privacy about our personal lives and activities. Studying and living in a hostel means that your share everything with others and get the least amount of privacy in your daily routine.
4. Community Washrooms:
Like all other facilities in the boarding school, students have to share their bathrooms and toilets with other students. These may have problems of unhygienic conditions, long queues for users and set timings for showering.

5. Getting hungry at odd times:

Hostels and boarding schools enforce discipline in students not for studies but all other activities as well. Food is served in the dining halls at specific times of the day. Getting hungry in late hours or in odd times of the day can be a problem for the students.
6. Restrictions on going out:
Boarding schools maintain strict curfews about room timings and going out of the school. You need to be very particular and punctual about your activities and cannot plan outings or recreational events for some entertainment. Even guests or family members who come to meet you must inform the school administration for prior approval and permission.

7. Inability to meet sudden personal needs :

You might be running short of items of personal use like tooth pastes, stationery or any other product. But shopping for such items on immediate basis is not possible while living in a boarding school. You always need to maintain an inventory of supplies with yourself that you might need for specific activities.
So, although there are a number of advantages in being s student at a boarding school you must keep in mind the above problems and find solutions to overcome them.
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