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The fate of the furious eight installments of the racing series has had the biggest global box office all the time in the world and even domestic audiences showed great interest in the movie.

The final numbers for the earning amount of the movie are released as the movie earned $532.5 million in its opening weekend and breaks the previous records of movies like The Force Awakens and Jurassic World which earn $529 and $316.7 million.

The fate of the furious is the eight installments of the furious franchise – the furious 7 earned $400 million in the opening weekend while the eight installments break the record. Read More

The fate of the furious is the second biggest hit of this year just after Beauty and the Beast and make over within three days – the movie remain at the top of the film industry and the ninth installment of the movie is planned in 2019 whereas the tenth installment is planned on 2021.

The fate of the furious was directed by F. Gary Gray and it is the first movie without Paul Walker as he died in the car accident and the Charlie Theron and Helen Mirren are the newcomers of the movie.See More

The experts added that the fate of the furious brought name in all the parts of the world as the movie business remains at peak all around the globe – we are riding very high and the records like the fate of the furious are hard to break ever.

The making of the fate of the furious remains a most expensive chapter in the series shows the thrilling street scenes, the race on the streets and the fight which attract the audience and the movie remains at the top in the worldwide and these scenes are eye-watering and cool to enjoy.
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