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When you are looking for flights to the United Arab Emirates, you need to be sure you are getting the best possible deal on the fare you pay. Whether you are travelling individually, or with a group, or with the family, and whether you are traveling economy, business or first class, you can find the best ever deals on Air Arabia booking at

Air Arabia Booking on

Get your Air Arabia booking on and apply “GOREHLAT” coupon to get Flat 85 AED OFF. Get instant 40 AED and a coupon of 45 AED with every Air Arabia booking, irrespective of the flight selected from the Air Arabia flight schedule. has hundreds of Air Arabia bookings every month but there are few routes which top the list.

Ultra Luxury Amenities on Board:

Every flight on Air Arabia flight schedule has a variety of in-flight TV programmes showing a selection of movies, sporting adventures, world recalls, comedy series and many others.

Fun Onboard

Air Arabia booking comes with unique and accredited “Fun Onboard” program brings joy to millions of passengers every year. Apart from the regular in-flight facilities, several other services are offered during the journey to help infants, senior citizen, and pregnant women. This airline also offers mobility assistance at the airport; however, a request to avail this service must be made while booking the flight ticket.

Seats inside the aircraft of this carrier are specially provisioned with those kinds of armrests, which can be easily lifted to allow passage for those passengers with restricted movement. Also, the wide-bodied jets of Air Arabia have a wheelchair onboard.

These facilities have made this carrier a global name in the industry, as a result of which it has reached international acclaim. With the initiation of modern amenities and passenger support on its journeys, it hopes to maintain and better its current standard in the aviation industry.

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