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Our previous article looked at three factors homeowners need to consider when selecting a roofing material. Here are four more.


Different roofing materials will create different looks. Clay tile roofs, for instance are usually seen paired with Spanish or Italian architecture and may not look appropriate for a Ranch-styled home. Standing seam metal roofing tends to look more commercial though there are other metal roofing products that more closely resemble natural materials like wood or slate. Finally, there are synthetic materials that come in a variety of colors and styles.


Different materials fare better in different climates. For instance, clay and concrete tiles do very well in hot, dry climates since they don’t expand and warp in extreme heat like asphalt but they don’t fare as well in areas prone to hailstorms or very strong winds since they have a lower impact rating and can easily break when struck by debris.

Home’s structure

Heavy materials like concrete tile or slate are great materials but they’re not for every home. Low-sloped roofs or older homes can’t always support heavier roofs without major expensive upgrades to the home’s structure.

Environmental impact

Since the public is becoming more concerned about how their lifestyle affects the environment, it’s worth considering how various roofing materials impact the environment. Because asphalt shingles are petroleum-based and need to be replaced the most often, they’re generally viewed as the least environmentally friendly though they can be recycled to be used in roadways or other roofing products. Natural materials like slate or wood are of course more environment friendly. Even metal is a good choice since they can be made from recyclable materials and are 100% recyclable.

If you still need help deciding, get in contact with a Spokane roofing company to ask about location-specific suggestions.

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