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In Pakistan, civilians need law firms for having lawyers and lawyers are the best for the business man to have his own legal advisor. Hafeez Pirzada Law Associates is a law firm that provides best of the lawyers in Karachi and Islamabad. covers a range of full corporate and advisory service provider. Our team of expertise consists of barristers and advocates provides far ranging premium quality and dispute resolution services in the areas of civil litigation, banking and finance, telecommunication, contract law criminal litigation, arbitration, banking and finance, construction, oil and gas, taxation, real estate and property. The advisors answer client’s questions and explain legal solutions that they can opt for. HPLA is the platform for resolving the issues for both individual and business clients by its all inclusive legal services. The law firm-HPLA uses its resources with the knowledge and experience of the lawyers who looks forward for the productive solutions that can resolve their client’s issues. The firm ensures you that its clients receive top quality legal solutions and take part for the long term success while they doing business in Pakistan. Our firm also works on commercial agreements, license, and finance and lease agreements. In addition to this we advice companies for the loans, foreign investment, corporate structuring, strategic advisory, regulatory compliance, governmental affairs, merges, privatization, project financing, acquisition, and project development.
For representing the clients before courts and international arbitrate forum, hoopla maintains a strong dispute resolution practice. We are the best law associates in Pakistan owns best lawyers in Pakistan; keenly focus to untangle the cases with our expertise’s strategies.