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As a business owner or marketers, we love to connect in platforms where our clients are active and we can show up. It is obvious that WhatsApp is coming in the top list.

WhatsApp has not given companies many clear ways to use their authoritative platform for marketing and sell on whatsapp. Though, soon it will change. Whatsapp declared that they will be testing things to help organizations and business discuss with users.
At present, you can take full benefit of the free platform. You only need to be inspired to control WhatsApp as a perfect business tool.

Possible Reasons to Use WhatsApp for Business Promotion

Whatsapp Marketing cannot be getting much attention now, but you have valid reason to discover the possibilities.

1. It is completely free.
2. It allows you send ebooks, images, catalogs and brochures.
3. Review tool! You can directly ask for feedback from clients.
4. You can without any difficulty use it for group meetings and group discussions.
5. As a best messaging application, it allows you send alerts regarding sales and new events.
6. Messages wouldn’t be lost: alerts of offline message confirm users know once a message is in waiting.

Important Tips for Marketing on WhatsApp
Make Broadcast Lists

To start your Whatsapp Marketing campaign, you need to make lists about specific topics, then flash one-way chats designed to boost engagement, very similar that you do on Facebook or Twitter. To make your conversations more attractive you can search whatsapp group that has good number of active users. There are many services that can help you in best whatsapp group search. It is sure that if you want to get success in whatsapp marketing, you need to join whatsapp community for prompt suggestions and advices.

Get Benefit of Group Chat

Group chats are shared in between all group members, including answers from any member of the group. It is mostly useful when you targeting whatsapp groups.

Get Pleasure from Free of Cost Messaging

With the help of WhatsApp, you can send messages without any costs. It is available for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia and Android.

Take Client Support Service to a Higher Level

Even though WhatsApp was intended for mobile devices, it is well-matched with desktop devices. Thus, you can utilize it along with some other desktop apps for powerful client support service—your clients can directly get you and you can give immediate answers.

Make User Allegiance

The Whatsapp group lists have showed more brand constancy than any other social networking mediums. Likewise, brand personas appear to have developed a fine rapport with their group. It is resistant with the tools discussed above, such as group chats, broadcast lists and push notifications.

Directly Engage with Phone Calls

You have the choice of using WhatsApp to make direct sales calls throughout their own in-built VOIP version. Thus, when you get a client request—as once anyone asks for more detail or wants to discuss with a seller, WhatsApp lets you to react immediately.