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Since the decades, Burma, the erstwhile name of Myanmar remains one of the most favorite destinations of tourists over the entire world. The country has a lot of things to offer to the visitors. So, most of the visitors consider paying a visit to this country. Well, most of the people are unaware of the fact that Myanmar has some interesting facts that are surprising. Some facts are funny, some are weird and others are valuable. In this post, you are going to explore these interesting facts about Burma. So, quickly check these out.

1) Society
One of the most interesting facts about this land is that the people of Burma don’t have surnames, neither from the father nor from the mother. The names comprise one to three words and the names begin with the word that indicates the day in which they were born. Once they become an adult, they can change their names. Generally, a word is placed before their names to show who or what they are in life. Generally, people prefer to have painted their faces with Tanaka which is a kind of cosmetic.

2) Traffic seems to be Very Confusing
If you go for the Myanmar travel and tours, you may find the traffic quite confusing. It is because of the fact that the cars in this nation have their steering on the right side. Though it is normal for the people of UK and other nations which have left-hand traffic, yet for most of the countries, the entire thing seems to be confusing.

3) Religion
Most of the people of Myanmar are Buddhist. They prefer to have a tattoo of Buddha. But if it is on the lower part of your body, there is a chance to get arrested as the society does not permit for the same. Most of the children of Burma generally wear a cord around their neck or at their waist. They believe that it is a sacred cord that has the power to protect them from any evil spells and spirits.

4) Awkward Time Zone
Burma is one of the few nations that has half-hour time zone. The time in this country is UTC+6:30. This is one of the most amazing facts about this country.

5) Abode of the Long Neck Tribe
Pay a visit to this country with the help of the travel agency in Myanmar and find the most interesting thing. Here in this country, you can find women with long necks. Women who have long neck mostly belong to the Padaung Tribe. They can be found in other countries. Yet few of us know that they originally belong to Burma.

So, these are some of the amazing facts about this land. If you pay a visit to this nation, you may find some more exciting things that definitely surprise you. Apart from these, the landscape, the mesmerizing pagodas and the rich culture have the power to cast a spell upon you. So, quickly opt for a reputed travel agency of Burma to enjoy all these amazing things.