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Communication is very important, rather an important part of our routine life. Technology knows it better and offers us different tools. WhatsApp is on higher position of this game making easy group and one to one conversations. It is very useful in giving out images, digital messages and even videos. Better and personalized privacy settings broaden its demand making it a massively liked and utilized application in the whole world. At the present time, there are millions of active users. So promoters or business owners have been tried to assess how to utilize WhatsApp for business improvement, mainly after acquisition of Facebook, WhatApp has rapidly got the attention of whole world.
Communication of business is no exemption to the broad range of fields WhatsApp has developed. Here are few mind-blowing facts to know how WhatsApp can be a wonderful tool for your chat commerce.
WhatsApp is best for client engagement
Client engagement is an important part for any business that wants to sell on whatsapp. Many companies have already started utilizing social media for communication with their clients. But sources such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are not as modified as WhatsApp. User’s groups on WhatsApp offer direct chat between business representatives and customers. It can even happen with SMS but it has its individual limitations. Like, you can’t send images, files through an SMS. In addition, the utilization of SMS in social networking is waning affecting its universality. These types of problems are reduced and even overcome totally in WhatsApp.
Advertising and Promotions through WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a wonderful tool to advertise your discount offers or new products. To make it successful, you just need to search whatsapp group. After finding a best whatsapp group, you can without any difficulty send detail information regarding a product to peoples or targeted groups. You can also share product’s video or digital images containing directions about the use of the service or product. It similarly works for promotion. You can easily share beautiful online-brochures of your services/company/product with the help of whatsapp group search. You can even share your TV or radio advertisements. Transforming your display picture and status for promotion of any specific service can assist you get client’s attention.
Start Market Survey through WhatsApp
Starting market surveys for your product/service/company can help you get better your services or products. These types of surveys can be accomplished through WhatsApp. You can get straight response from your clients that will get better transparency. Group chats with clients, suppliers, employees or target addressees can happen immediate on WhatsApp. Different type of feedback and suggestions are generated through such type of activities.