July 17, 2017 by

An Alabama roofing company recently stirred up controversy when they aired a… er… patriotic commercial featuring stars, stripes, fireworks, and guns. What do guns have to do with roofing? Nothing really but that didn’t stop the company from offering a free AR-15 rifle for every customer who has a new roof installed. The move sparked controversy with 2nd amendment supporters praising the move and gun control advocates condemning it. It turns out, in this case, a little controversy is a good thing as new roof sales are up for the company and several other roofing companies around the country are matching the offer. In fact, the company who initially aired the commercial said they purposefully distributed the ad around pro second amendment and gun control groups knowing that it would stir up controversy and conversation, which is exactly what they wanted--attention.
The roofing company was quick to point out that they weren’t simply handing out AR-15s to any and everyone like candy on halloween. The company only gives a voucher to the homeowner. The homeowners still has to go in to make the purchase and meet all of the requirements to be able to actually do so. People who can’t pass criminal background checks obviously wouldn’t be able to redeem the free offer. Those that can legally purchase a firearm however, can do so and use the voucher to get it for free.

Who knows how long this bizarre buy-a-roof-get-a-free-gun trend will continue. Perhaps Spokane roofing companies will be doing it next.

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