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Adenomyosis is one of the most common medical conditions that most of the women face. This condition affects the female reproductive organ which is known as the uterus. Well, let me tell you what this condition is in a clear way. Adenomyosis is a clinical condition in which the inner lining of the womb is broken through the myometrium that is the muscle wall of the uterus. The condition may be located in one particular spot or throughout the whole womb.

Who Is Prone to Face this Health Issue?
Generally, it is found that the women, who are at their middle age, face this health issue. The women who have had babies are at high risk. Apart from this, other studies show that some women who had uterus surgery previously may suffer from this issue.

Symptoms of This Health Issue
The worst thing about adenomyosis is that the symptoms of this problem are very mild. Moreover, some of the cases, it is found that the patients who have this condition, do not come across any of the symptoms. Therefore, it becomes tough for the doctors and the patients to detect this health issue. Yet, the doctors have noted down some of the common symptoms. These are,

1) Heavy menstrual period
2) Menstrual cramps which are severe
3) Bloating and abdominal pressure
4) Prolonged menstrual period
5) Pain during intercourse and more

Are you suffering from this health issue? If yes, then don’t worry about this as new developments for fibroids as well as adenomyosis are introduced. The physicians are skilled enough to provide you with the latest treatment that has the ability to cure you completely.

Nowadays, medical science has advanced a lot and with this various effective treatments for fibroids and adenomyosis are introduced. Some of them are discussed below. Have a look at these.

Uterine Artery Embolisation
This is the latest treatment that the doctors generally recommend the patients, suffering from adenomyosis. A huge number of patients undertakes this treatment as UAE can be considered as an alternative to hysterectomy. UAE is a unique procedure in which the blood supply to the affected area is prevented. When the blood supply is ceased the adenomyosis shrinks and the patients get rid of this problem.

Hormonal Treatment
In this treatment, the doctors prescribe some oral contraceptives, GnRH-analogs and progestin-only contraceptives to cure the women. This treatment can help the patients by controlling the estrogen.

Hysterectomy is normally considered as the last option, left for the patients. This is the surgical procedure where doctors remove the affected uterus of the patients. This treatment does not allow the women to have babies in future. So, unless it is a severe case, the physicians avoid recommending this treatment.

Hope, all the above-mentioned information, related to adenomyosis is helpful for you. To know the condition in minute detail, you may visit a reputed physician, who can provide you with the required information and treatment.
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