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Can you believe Instagram is just seven years old? The way its usage has reached sky-high, it becomes difficult for us to accept so. And this quick success is due to its increasing users consistently. A number has reached to 700 million monthly active Instagram users.

Expanding usage of this social media platform has raised the potential for all the marketers willing to promote their business efficiently. There are 8 million registered accounts that use Instagram business profile. As they can attain oodles of audience engaging to their production, it is an efficient tool for marketing.

In the initial stage, it might be an arduous task to get real and natural followers. For making it accessible, a robust and lucrative marketing strategy of the Instagram, it becomes imperative to initiate with proper planning.

Here are the sure-fire ways to get followers on Instagram naturally.

Account Optimization

First and foremost thing one should do is to optimize their account appropriately. It includes creating a profile with precise and accurate information, adding a website link, a brief bio, profile picture and making it visible to the public. It is the prime-most and important step for optimizing any business Instagram profile.

While upgrading the information to your corporate profile, make sure you do it in such a way that it reflects a consistent identity of your business. Right from logo to tagline, every aspect that adds personal touch should be reflected from your business profile.

However, the appearance of any account is highly responsible for creating the first impression among visitors. Therefore, ensure you are creating such an active profile that reflects sound impression of your business.

Hashtag is hero

When you are ready with a comprehensive profile, next query comes to - How to get real followers on Instagram? The hashtag is a fundamental step that holds greater value in its marketing strategy. Every aspect related to promoting on this social media platform revolves around the technique of using the hashtag to its posts. Therefore, it becomes necessary to plan right hashtag for your business profile.

While determining hashtag, see to it that you have done proper research, comprising of all popular phrases which are used for your niche of business. This way you’d be able to introduce yourselves to correct hashtag, helping you to attract targeted audience to the account and engage them effectively. This technique might take some time to gain real followers, but it is sure that it would get you so. If you wish to achieve quick results, then you have an option to consult companies like and gain 100% real followers to your Instagram account.

Upgrade Yourselves with New Updates of App

Along with the passing of time, this app brings in regular updates, incorporating latest features. These specifications include Insta stories, boomerang, Insta Collage, Geotags and much more.

In 2017, people are going crazy over the Insta stories which stay for 24 hours, after which it gets deleted automatically. It can be used for engaging more audience to an Instagram profile. Whether you share a glimpse of behind the scenes or pictures of your production, everything can be uploaded as the Insta story.

Apart from considering these tips, there are several posting skills which would greatly help you in engaging more and more audience to the business profile. These skills include photography techniques, compelling hashtags, correct filters, smart commenting, regular posting and uploading posts on the right time (15:00 to 16:00). When a post is uploaded at this peak time, a profile gets exposure to a large audience as most of the people are active at that point.
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