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There is nothing classic than hitting the high way with music on and windows down. Well, the tradition of the road trip has changed a little. Smartphones have taken away the place of guidebook and map. But, the spirit of adventure has remained the same.

So put on your shades, turn on the AC and hit the road to make the most out of your summer trip. But one question has always bothered us what is the best vehicle to choose for a summer trip. Well, the mid-size SUV model of Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is the best model for conducting any road trip. Read here why.

Why Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is the Most Reliable SUV for Summer Trips
You do not have to be an automotive engineer to understand why Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is perfect for long road trip. People generally look for comfort, power, safety, performance, fuel economy and entertainment factors while choosing a vehicle for a road trip and the car is equipped with all these amenities.

So whether you are planning to drive through Route 66 from Illinois to California or planning a road trip on the Pacific coast highway from the San Luis Obispo to Monterey, the robust performance Hyundai Santa Fe Sport SUV has the ability to always hold your back during the trip. Read below its main features.

Potentiality, Power, and Performance: The car is available in different versions and each of the models is equally adorable for the drivers and riders. The basic model comes with 185 horsepower & torque of 178 lb.-ft. The model is equipped with four cylinder engine. The upgraded version of the model is equipped with 240 horsepower and torque of 260 lb.-ft. The model comes with four cylinder turbo engine. Both the model featured 70 cubic feet of inside storage space.

Safety Measures and Contentment: Team Hyundai has made sure that riders get to their destination safely by riding this car. The car is equipped with 5-inch LED screen that offers a host of driving (Navigation System). The screen can also be upgraded to 7-8 inch. The model is also equipped with the multi-view camera system, optional sunroof, and few other exceptional features.

Amusement Factors: The car is compatible with Bluetooth® and Android Auto™ that helps riders to stay connected with the car. The availability of Blue Link® Connected Car System has taken the system to the next level. The different ports for changing mobile and tablet devices can also bring the smile on your kid's face. The music system of the car is amazing as the system features Clari-Fi™ and Quantum Logic® that enhances the audio quality even of the digitally compressed music. Riders can use their smartphone or other audio devices as the primary music source. It can be connected to the music system with auxiliary input jacks or USB port.

Bottom Line:
So this is why Hyundai Santa Fe Sport SUV is the best model for conducting a road summer trip. Time has come to sign off. Hope you have enjoyed reading the post.
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