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If you want to make french tips nail art, you have to make sure that the condition of the skin around the nails is in perfect condition, because it will be highly noticeable, especially if the base of the nails is nude, it will blend in with the skin of the fingers, which will draw attention to this area. So, dry cuticles, dirt and leftovers of old nail art are forbidden. Here are some steps which will show you how to deal with these flaws:

The hand scrub and the orange stick are the tools that will make the skin around the nails look flawless. But before the exfoliating procedure of the hands, you have to soften the cuticles in order to come off easily. So, apply cuticle oil or petroleum jelly all around the fingers (including the nails) and wait a few minutes until the product work properly. Then exfoliate with the hand scrub and rub the fingers with the orange stick to remove any dirt and old cuticles.

Then rinse with water and moisturize the hands immediately.

The oils from the moisturizer might bother the nail polish, which leads to the next steps: clean the nails with white apple vinegar.

The french manicure requires perfectly shaped nails, which means that you have to use the nail file to create a square shape of the nails.

Now the application of the nail polishes might start: prepare the nails with a base coat. Let it dry and apply the french manicure base – in our case, nude and beige nail polish. Apply two layers if the nail polish is not opaque. Let it dry completely.

Then stick a tape strip diagonally at the tip of the nail. Paint the corner with non-glitter color. Wait a few seconds for the nail polish to tighten and remove the tape.

Then stick another tape strip on the other direction and paint the other corner with glitter nail polish.

Make sure that the colors are matched together.

When the layers of nail polish are all dry, you can lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.