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When it comes to entertainment, you simply can’t beat video games for their longevity and interactivity. That’s not to say that video games are the end all be all of entertainment, but they do, inherently, have the potential to be truly great works of art because of all they have to offer. However, we’re not there yet as a society. The medium is too young to be taken seriously, and to date, one of most artistic series of games was created by someone who’s gone on record as saying video games aren’t art. As if that could be true of an entire medium, but I digress. Video games are poised to present us with some of the modern greats of the art world once we work out all the kinks, and, in my opinion, they already have. Here are some of best works of art you can find at your local GameStop. (mostly)

First and foremost, there’s the Bioshock series of games. This trilogy took the mechanical genre of the first person shooter and mashed it up with a crash course and cautionary tale about Objectivism, in the first installment, then Communism, before the third installment threw out a number of philosophical concepts as a smokescreen for a more personal story that just so happens to involve interdimensional travel and time travel. The Bioshock games aren’t perfect, but what is? So, they get my seal of approval for the status of masterpiece.

Then, there’s Undertale. In a similar vein to Bioshock, as it were, Undertale presents the player with a moral choice system. Unlike Bioshock, wherein moral choices barely affected the overall narrative, Undertale becomes almost entirely different games based on which route you take, or a hybrid thereof. You have a choice between pacifist or “genocide,” as the fans call it, and both of these paths are sure to tug at your heart strings.
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