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Last week an Alabama roofing company, as well as several copycats, made headlines when they offered a free AR-15 rifle to anyone who hired them to install a new roof. Inspired by this trend of unusual freebies, a Colorado roofing company is getting in on the fun by offering $500 worth of marijuana to customers who get a new roof. Since Colorado is one of eight states that has legalized marijuana, this offer is completely legal, albeit, a bit controversial.

Since Washington happens to be another state where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, it’s possible that you might see some Spokane roofing companies making similar offers.

Gimmick or legitimate marketing technique?

Many have accused roofers who offer semi automatic rifles and marijuana to customers of using gimmicks to get business. Gimmicks, by design are meant to get publicity and these offers are certainly doing that. After all, guns and pot don’t really have anything to do with roofing. What they do have in common is controversy.

How to choose a good contractor

For starters, don’t base your decision solely on the promise of weed or firearms. These roofers might do very good work but to make your decision, you’ll have to do some more research. The roofer you hire should have an established reputation in the community as well as a license, proof of insurance, and a good warranty on their work. If they want to give you $500 worth of marijuana too, well just consider that a bonus.

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