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When we think of America’s muscle we tend to imagine our nuclear capabilities, the men, and women of our armed forces, and the massive fire power that comes from Nimitz-Class aircraft carriers and fighter jets on bombing raids. As vital as these things are to keeping America safe and secure, there are some tiny unsung heroes that may be small in size but play massive roles in keeping our muscles strong and ready to respond to any threat. Our armed forces rely on custom military power supplies to work strategically with many variables that come together to achieve a goal, such as firing a torpedo or launching a drone. Here are just some of the ways these little guys help get big jobs done.

Military Magnetic Applications

Designed to be used from one extreme environment to the next, and for long periods of time, military-grade magnetic applications provide solutions to any magnetic problem. The highest quality military power supply magnets comply with MIL-STD-454 and MIL-PRF-202 standards in terms of design. These manufacturers have their own testing facilities to ensure the highest standards.

The best custom designed MIL-SPEC magnetics are used in applications that power the following:

●Strategic and tactical missiles
●Missile defense systems
●Bomber aircraft and fighter aircraft
●Combat helicopters
●Naval torpedoes and shipboard systems
●Submarine equipment
●Military transport aircraft

Often, existing equipment can be outfitted with custom modifications to achieve specific tasks, such as launching a torpedo at an intensive atmospheric pressure in freezing conditions.

Converter and Transformer Military Power Supplies

Military power supplies also come in the forms of converters and transformers. As a vital part of power management solutions for various applications, converters and transformers are used to power specific devices. For example, air and water-cooled transformers help power onboard missile launching systems on aircraft and in submarines. There is also a wide range of AC TO DC and DC to DC military power supplies commonly used for industrial purposes within the armed forces.

How Military Power Supplies Power Aircraft and Vehicles

From magnets to Transformers, military power supplies make the best aircraft and ground vehicles operate at full-function force in the most extreme conditions. Without them, aircraft wouldn’t have weapons, navigation systems, flight controls, night vision, hydraulic supply, comprehensive fuel systems, flight recorders and utility actuators. Furthermore, their missiles wouldn’t have guidance systems.

As for vehicles, they would be left vulnerable without battlefield computers and ordinance loading capabilities. They would also be crippled without command/control communications. Depending on how many cross channels are involved, weather conditions, geographic coverage, and temperatures, certain operational components need to be customized and rigorously tested to meet extreme challenges in extreme places.

Think Small When You See Big Power

Next time you see a pair of F-16s thunder overhead at MACH 2, or you watch a battleship head out of port to sea, remember that military power supplies hand-made and tested through custom innovations are ultimately what keeps foreign threats in check. After all, without the converters, transformers, and magnetic technologies, our forces would be as effective as swordsmen on horseback.
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