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Pearls are a lady’s favorite enhancements to jewellery. These pristine white accents are irresistibly desirable and have an appeal that is sure to attract one and all. Whether it is a formal occasion, or an outing with friends, you can always choose pearls to go one up in your game of looking an absolute delight with pearl jewellery. Interesting thing is that the pearls may look almost same when taken a vague look, but these are actually quite different from each other in size, shape, color. This difference results from the factors such as:

• Variety of the mollusk
• Culturing conditions
• Harvesting methods, and many others.

Types of pearls ruling the scene

Depending upon the area of origin, the pearls are popularized as below. Their unique properties are what make them a thing of desire.

Akoya Pearls

These are cultured in Japanese farms and are characterized by shining white color with rose overtones. These can be easily distinguished from natural pearls because of their larger size and better shine. The unusual colors found in Akoya variety are grey and black.

Mabe pearls

Mabe pearls are characterized by unique, blistered look. These are semi-spherical in shape and grow inside the shell, instead of the mollusk body. The Mabe pearls are popularly known as ‘half-pearls’ and are available in light pink to bluish shades.

Cortez pearls

These are the famous Mexican pearls, only variant of pearls to have a pure black color with distinct shimmer. The Cortez pearls are sourced from the Sea of Cortez and are one of the most coveted gemstones grown in limited edition harvesting grounds.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls are grown in Tahiti, Africa and are loved especially for its black color with peacock green overtones.

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