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Introduction to DEWA:
DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), a Dubai company, is a government organization that is responsible for producing and distributing water and electricity to the entire population of Dubai. According to the third UNEP report on the environment, it was identified that a wide range of water issues are to be addressed so that action could be taken.
The poor quality of water can have a negative effect on the health of human beings. The general problem in the quality of water can be seen by the chemicals present in the air and the tanks they pass on through. The water is easily polluted by coming into contact with these chemicals. For this reason, people might need to bring the best water filter purifier for the safety of themselves and their families. In Dubai, the drinking water is considered safe and clean until the pipes and tanks storing and bringing the water to homes are not corroded or contaminated. This is why you come across people who have purifier water filter at their homes.
Problems faced in water filtration:
One of the basic issues in water management is the purifier water system. In the case of DEWA Company, they have the best water filter purifiers. An example of it can be taken back from 2010; the company had set up facilities to filter the water from salty substances. But on the other hand, the chemicals used for the desalination can also be hazardous to our health. The purifier filter system that is made up of the storage tanks and pipes can be of poor hygiene; another threat to our physical health. If the company does not ensure whether these purifier water filters are even filtering the water the properly, no guarantee can be given on the cleanliness of the drinking water. Another biggest problem that is evident, through this procedure of cleanliness, is the use of chlorine which is most likely to pollute the water when it is stored in tanks or even during distribution.
The DEWA Company emphasizes on the automated system among its management programs which will not only improve their planning, design, serviceability but also the water quality. For this topic, I would focus on the techniques of measuring water quality distributed for human consumption by DEWA. Moreover, the company needs monitoring of the stored water as well as the automated techniques on a regular basis.
From the information collected above about the DEWA Company’s water supply, we come to a conclusion that the quality of the water is relatively high. It is because of no sign of smell or color and taste in the water supplied to the population. It is also free from contamination by coli form bacterial organisms which means the water is free from faecal pollution. Furthermore, the nitrate levels do not exceed the World Health Organization’s directives and the levels of alkalinity and acidity are within the range. The water provided to the community is relatively good and safe since it does not contain any toxic substances.