I am trying to create a network of XBee with sensors at end nodes that send back data to coordinator Xbee periodically. I wish to set the Xbee modules in API mode and I learned from the internet how to do the same from online tutorials, etc.
However, now when I want to buy the Xbee modules I am completely confused. I want a series 2 Xbee ( Not PRO ). My confusion is -
Is the Xbee ZB same as XBee S2C?
what are the versions of Xbee available currently; I am confused as I see S2B, S2C, S2D, ZB and so much more. Please help me decide on an XBee
I see Digi has released the new programmable Xbee's. Can I use them like the old Xbees with an Arduino hooked to it? Which is preferable?
Anything at all is helpful.
Please help...
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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