Oracle Fusion HCM Training makes you an expert in Approval Groups Creation, Approval Rule Definitions, Implementation of User Creation, Offerings Documentation and Explanation about Payroll tasks and Reports....etc.

Why This Course?
Avg. Salary for Oracle Fusion HCM developer: $1,03,586 PA.
Oracle Fusion HCM has a market share of about 1.3%
Used by top industries across various business Verticals. Ex: BTRG, IBM, Xerox Corporation... etc.

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How to get certified in Oracle Fusion HCM?

You can get the information regarding certification here. Additional information is available at the Oracle University. The learning path and the project Mindmajix comes up with will be exactly in line with the certification programs which enables you to clear Oracle Fusion HCM certification exams with greater ease and secure a job in top multinationals.

Oracle Fusion HCM Training course assists learners way to leverage personalized tools and deliver insights to cover the full employee lifecycle. It helps to increase operational efficiency and makes it easy to connect on any device. From this course, you get a clear picture of:

HR Optimization and Analytics
Workforce Management
Project Management
Talent Management