So since I came back to WoW after the break I took when wotlk finished there was this one thing bugging me about the game and I never could put my finger on it, and I could finally get my hands on what it was in the last two weeks: Lack of character uniqueness.

So, I was playing this MMO on Japan, which is currently the #1 played here called Tree of Savior(that despite being an MMO, the playerbase numbers are growing), what got me the most hooked to it was the extreme level of customization that you can have on your character: 60+ classes with literally limitless combinations, stats setups, item builds, skill builds and so onwards. So your character always feels unique, it feels yours.

Well, obviously "to each their own", since WoW has nothing to do with a korean MMO played on Japan, but then it hit me: WoW had similar customizations in the past.
You could create very different builds, especially between classic and wrath where you could literally choose if you were going to mix Discipline with shadow or holy, or frost with fire or arcane, and how each specific build would make different stats better and so onwards.

Then I realize this doesn't exist on WoW anymore, the level of customization is so limited it gets sad, we can't make our own exclusive builds anymore, and most importantly the feeling that I get the most when playing WoW is that the devs are the ones choosing which talent builds are picked, and the extreme limit imposed on "building our own character" are so dense that we are literally all progressing in the exact same line per spec.

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I thought this was a good question I read from somewhere. So SG220-26P-K9-NA, what makes your character stand out from the other protagonists or antagonists in books from the same genre?
By then I comprehend this doesn't exist on WoW any more, the level of customization is so confined it gets hopeless, we can't make our own particular select structures any more, and specifically the slant that I get the most when playing WoW is that the devs are the ones picking which capacity fabricates are picked, and quite far constrained on "building our own specific character" are thick to the point that we are genuinely all progressing in absolutely the same per spec. Please Write My Essay for me
WoW had comparable customizations previously. You could make altogether different forms, particularly amongst exemplary and anger where you could truly pick on the off chance that you would blend Discipline with shadow or heavenly, or ice with flame or arcane, and how every particular form would improve diverse details thus onwards. Write my Essay for Me
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im a freaking MMORPG Addict! when i play i just sleep for only 2hours lols.
Custom Essays Online since year 2006 i started to be like that but last year i stop coz im getting old.. now i really miss making my characters unique especially my builds and experiment on the skills and stats of a character
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WoW is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and it is a best entertainment for all age of people. It is not easy to make the character unique and this post showed its difficulty. best essay writing service reviews
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A decent approach to make them novel is to have a special identity. Ordinarily in manga and anime they will have the primary character as being weak, whiny, or they will have characters there only for fan benefit. Rather give some of them a clever Essay Writing Service UK skeptical, or wry identity. Or, on the other hand make them to where they resemble a half unsettled or suspicious. Or, on the other hand influence them to have a cool and stoic identity just to utilize that to shroud a powerless side. Another vital part is to give your characters imperfections. Most anime simply have the characters as recently cardboard set patterns of a Moe original.
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