I was hoping if someone could tell me where to look for a circuit board which will allow a single power souce to switch power to the next wire. This is what i was hoping for, i want to attach 6 wires from a circuit board to an LED light. The circuit board will switch power to from wire 1 to wire 2 then to wire 3 and so on. But i want to be able to adjust the time to each wire. So it looks like it gets faster towards the end. Can anyone help me or where to look or buy such circuit board.

Thanks any help be great.
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Teaser Video Examples.
You will not find anything like that on the market because it is not a usual or typical application. You will have to design the circuit yourself. It's easy: you need one MOSFET to drive each power line. Then you need a multiplexer that is to be connected to the gates of the MOSFETS. Really easy, but you need a background in Electrical Engineering to be able to do it.