So I've been having this problem for a while now and I still have not found the fix for it so I've come here again to this forum so you guys can maybe help me out. When I am watching streams on Twitch or just Youtube gameplay videos in general and when playing any sorts of games even Runescape or Call of duty 2 I experience frame jumping, stuttering, juddering and the video is just not smooth like it should've been even though I have a fairly decent computer rig. This happens in almost all of the games that I've played/tried.

Examples of the temperatures are about 35 degrees or less when nothing is running, 40 degrees when chrome and hearthstone are running, 55+ degrees when multiple tabs are open with Twitch streams and hearthstone in the background. The temperatures of the CPU seem quite normal to me since I have a stock cooler. I've also re-applied thermal paste multiple times but that did nothing.

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