Hello and welcome to CoFo! This guide will detail how to assemble your shiny stack of parts into a new computer. Plan to spend 2-3 hours if this is your first time building. Keep in mind that these steps can and probably will vary depending on your set up and what components you have to work with. For example you might have a sound card you’re installing or more hard drives. Head over to the Desktop Computer section if you need help with a parts list.
First you will want to find a good place to work. A sizable table works well and preferably on a floor other than carpet. You want to avoid static electricity as much as possible. Building on the floor is fine if you want, but avoid carpet. I used a ping pong table. Also grab a Phillip’s head screwdriver. Magnetized ones are helpful but not required. Your case or motherboard may have come with some plastic zipties, or if not, grab some of your own.

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