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Oracle Tuxedo provides the framework, or middleware, for building scalable multi-tier client/server applications in heterogeneous (dissimilar), distributed environments that extend from the Web to the Enterprise. Using Oracle Tuxedo, users can develop, manage, and deploy distributed applications independently of the underlying hardware, operating system, network, and database environment.
Oracle Tuxedo is a proven, mature system spanning over 20 years of continuous development and enhancement:
- In 1983, the Tuxedo system began as an applied, forward-looking work project within the Bell Laboratories division of AT&T. The target applications for the Tuxedo system
were UNIX-based operations support systems within AT&T.
- In 1989, the Tuxedo system was transferred to the UNIX System Laboratories (USL) division of AT&T, and its client/server framework was offered as a commercial
- In 1993, the Tuxedo system was transferred to Novell, Inc., when Novell acquired USL in 1993.
- In 1996, BEA Systems, Inc., entered into an exclusive agreement with Novell to distribute and continue development of the Tuxedo system on a variety of computer
platforms, including Windows and most UNIX systems.
- In 2008, Tuxedo became Oracle product along with all other BEA Systems products.
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