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Niclas then the great evening in the fully occupied tent instead.
Alternat,ely with the Zusamtaler musicians from
Butte meadows district Dillingen on the Danube the Haliti Sports Shoes, played impressively and gave the
numerous visitors and visitors
a varied and lively evening. shoes,
In the short
Chairman Elmar Kaiser Mayor Heinz Hammer, as well as the longtime member of the women, Board thanked greetings
the Mülsener musicians, Lothar Heinze,.
for the invitation and the h hill shoes,ospitality. He handed them
as a small thank you a small gift.
Also the Acting Chairman of the women down jackets, Mülsener musicians wouldn't let it be
take the Trachtenkapelle wish you all the best.
Certainly the high point of the festivities was the great
Pageant, which led to the following day through the brightly decorated streets of St. Niclas.
Carriages, groups, music bands f
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