I have had this problem for a while now and it originally started on total war attila the game and it use to restart my PC sort of like a power cut and switch back on instantly. It only use to do this when i zoomed in on the people walking and this use to cause my pc to lag and then crash, but recently it happened on Mass Effect Andromeda and also GTA 5 and that has never happened on GTA 5 before. I have monitored my cpu temp and graphics card temp when trying to crash my game on total war and it stayed the same temp around 70 on cpu and steady around 60 graphics card. i looked up numerous discussions with people saying if it was cpu or motherboard over heating it would shut pc down not restart and now i believe it can only be the Power Supply i have had it for a while now like 4 years but i just wanted someone else to have there input on the situation.

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