i built my pc over 3 months ago and today its didnt want to work. i turned it on, everything was working but the screen was black. i have an motherboard, which had a Net chip that has 2 connections to the anntenas. i looked inside the case and saw that one of those connections were off of the chip and touched the motherboard. at first i thought it was my gpu but when i switched them out it still didnt work, so i think that its my motherboard, can someone give me some advice as to what to do in this situation?

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Managing screen issues can be a disappointing undertaking considering that you depend on your screen to perceive what's really occurring on your PC. A LCD screen that is turned totally white could encounter any buy assignment online of various issues; investigating requires an experimentation approach in the expectations that you'll in the long run discover the cause.
Check both ends of the cable running from the computer to the monitor to make sure they're in securely.EDIT: I'm a derp, and didn't realize this was in the laptops thread. Prostar's got the advice you want to be listening to.Pay someone to do your coursework
Well it can be the issue of RAM or it might have to do something with the hard disk. You need to bring this issue to expert, maybe he will be able to solve your issue. UK Essay
might be ram problem,graphic card or display cable.Best dissertation help
take the pc to the expert who is reliable your problem will solve in quickly.
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In laptops the most common reasons are horrific video processor, LCD driving force board,worn video wires that hyperlink motherboard to show (a lot of these for hardware problems), or truely software program. Cheap Essay Writing Service UK
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Check the two finishes of the link running from the PC to the screen to ensure they're in securely.EDIT: I'm a derp, and didn't understand this was in the PCs string. Prostar has the guidance you need to tune in to. dissertation writing service
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