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Mobile Automation testing basically involves having a set of tools that really help emulate mobile user behavior and validate a range of functionality. This functional validation is about aspects including the location with the buttons and links, the reaction to feel over on screens, how big the display and images included in addition to the response time take to execute a group of actions.

Following would be the typical sorts of automation tests that could be performed -

• Functional - To try should the performance is really as expected
• Regression - Ensuring behaviors in the system haven't been altered
• Negative - Incorporating error conditions
• Stress - Assessing absolute capacities of application
• Performance - Ensuring performance is adequate
• Load - Assessing points of which the performance with the system degrades and demands upgrades

Automation Testing for Android and iOS provides a assortment of benefits -

• Saves Significant Time in comparison to Manual Testing
Even most experienced manual testers on this planet aren't able to overtake the pace of which automation has the capacity to go through the suite of test cases. This form of testing is especially of great value when you ought to rush into regression testing against time after the change is introduced not far from the deadline with the application release date.

• Cover a larger Choice of Application Features
For anyone who is expected to conduct tests under stress or pursue performance tests, automating your scripts is the only solution. Automation testing significantly expands your coverage.

• Acquiring Reliable Results
Developing automated tests that are functional guarantee that each of their checkpoints efficiently stick to the expected results.

• Improved Accuracy Levels
Looking one of the most conscientious testers on the market, it's likely that the monotony with the process can lead to manual errors. You are able to that repetitive tasks can numb a person's eye. With the aid of automated methods in testing, exactly the same step might be conducted accurately consistently, without missing result recording.

• Assured Quantities of Consistency
These tests help make certain that the testing you perform may be incremental over a duration of time. However, the process is going to be consistent immediately of one's project.

• One can possibly Easily Re-use Test Scripts
With the aid of some elementary maintenance, test scripts can easily be reused for numerous other platforms. Which means that you won't be made to begin from scratch each time a awesome has to be tested on a new device or operating-system.

Finally, since the execution of an automated project might be triggered periodically, the unit can do mailing emails to report any type of inconsistencies or bugs. Which means that minimal human intervention is necessary throughout the project. Furthermore, this too helps improve efficiency levels.
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