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Carol Combs

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It’s been this way for years; New Yorkers compose one of the biggest markets for noninvasive beauty procedures. One of the fastest growing services is body contouring--a non-surgical approach to improve the shape and tone of fat and skin-supportive underlying tissue following a major weight loss. It also helps remove excess loose skin and sagging fat areas. There are a number of body contouring NYC spas in Manhattan that offer this service, and by the time 2018 rolls around these boutique spas are predicted to populate as quickly as gastropubs did 10 years ago. Here are four reasons why body contouring spas will be all the talk of the Big Apple in this upcoming year, and for years to come. 1.Body Contouring is Virtually Painless Non-surgical body contouring is making a lot of buzz in New York and other parts of the world for being virtually painless. In the past, people who lost significant weight would go get a painful and invasive body lift from a plastic surgeon. But now with technologies like UltraShape Power and VelaShape III, people can achieve their desired body without undergoing the knife. Body contouring tightens the skin and destroys cellulite through infrared technologies and radio frequencies that sculpt the neck and face, tighten the abdominal region, and trim off arm and bra fat areas. Some body contouring patients report a warming sensation, and reports of pain are virtually non-existent. 2. Significantly Lower Risk According to the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, two patients die for every 100,000 outpatient surgical cosmetic procedures. This means your chance of plastic surgery death is higher than the probability you will experience a plane crash. In fact, two deaths to make international news included a former Miss Argentina winner and the mother of rapper Kanye West who died from complications after cosmetic surgery. Most of these deaths occur after the surgery is performed. In terms of non-surgical body contouring, there are zero deaths reported. 3. Virtually No Recovery Time is needed Another reason why non-surgical body contouring is so popular in New York is that it doesn’t interfere too much with one’s busy daily life. While plastic surgery can lay one out for months, the non-surgical approach is so painless and quick that most working professionals get the treatments during their lunch breaks and get back to the office in time to make a coffee. 4. It Compliments Surgical Procedures Although the fact remains that its main appeal is its non-surgical status, it nonetheless holds popularity as a solution to treating loose skin left over from gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery causes rapid weight loss, and while most people are left with an ideal weight they are not happy with their body due to excess sagging. Because there is a significant number of patients who don’t want to have back-to-back surgeries, they will opt for non-surgical body contouring to correct the aftermath of their gastric bypass procedure.

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For those who love spending time in the kitchen cooking up tasty dishes, there's nothing better than finding the latest kitchen gadget to help with the process. And to make them even better chefs, more people have discovered the joy of taking a cooking vacation to exotic locales in Europe or Asia, where they can get instruction from world-famous chefs. If you've got a friend or family member who's about to graduate from culinary school and you're stumped as to what type of gift would be best, here are four innovative and fun ideas you may want to consider. 1-Cuckoo Rice Cooker When it comes to the best rice cooker in the culinary world, most chefs agree it's a Cuckoo rice cooker. Whether it's a 3 cup rice cooker or one that's bigger, today's rice cookers look like something out of the latest sci-fi novel. Stainless steel, along with an LCD screen that's bright and beautiful, make these cookers a favorite of chefs around the world. Using vacuum warming technology to maintain the unique flavor of the rice, these cookers also have voice navigation in English, Chinese, and Korean, making it a great gift for virtually anyone. Available in a variety of colors such as pink and gold, this gift idea is perfect whether you're buying a 3 cup rice cooker or one that holds as much as 10 cups. If you're ready to help your culinary school graduate get off to a great start, giving them the best rice cooker on the market will be the perfect gift. 2-Anti-Griddle for Molecular Recipes For culinary school graduates who want to really go high-tech in their cooking skills, having the Anti-Griddle for molecular recipes can help them do that and much more. Used by molecular gastronomy chefs everywhere, it's a machine which contains a square one-foot griddle that dips to temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. In doing so, it enables a chef to not only quickly freeze items, but also vary their degrees of texture. With the Anti-Griddle, your favorite chef can freeze sauces, purees, cremes, and foams, resulting in solid or semi-frozen foods with cool, creamy centers and stable, crunchy surfaces. While selling for just over $1000, it's worth it to let your chef amaze people by cooking for them on a cold griddle. 3-Discover Cuisine with a Trip to Paris Along with seeing the Eiffel Tower and other beautiful sights, Paris is a city that's also known for its incredible cuisine. If you've got a culinary school graduate to whom you want to give the gift of a lifetime, consider splurging on a trip to Paris to discover the world-famous cuisine that makes Paris such a special place for chefs. While there, your future famous chef can visit some of the city's most famous restaurants, such as Jamin, Le Pre Catalan, La Regalade, Le Dome, and Willi's Wine Bar. Along with sampling the dishes, chances are the graduate will get a chance to speak with some of the top chefs as well, where they may even learn a secret or two about famous French cuisine. And after some wining and dining, your culinary school graduate can shop for some great cookware at MORA, then finish off the day by downing some chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat. After doing all this, your graduate may decide to turn their trip to Paris into a permanent vacation. 4-Cooking Vacation in Bangkok On the other hand, if Thai dishes are your culinary school graduate's specialty, it might be better to give them a cooking vacation to Bangkok. One visit there and it's a given they will fall in love with the culture as well as the food. After all, there's no better way to spend one's time than sampling world-class food while seeing the sights of one of the world's most exotic places. Considered flavorful as well as healthy, Thai cuisine uses a variety of herbs, spices, seasonings, dips, and more to create dishes that are simply too good to pass up. However, what makes these vacations great is not just the cooking skills that will be learned, but the many other amenities as well. For example, most cooking vacations also include staying at five-star hotels, tours of Bangkok, private cooking classes with world-class chefs, nighttime entertainment, and even a relaxing Thai massage. For the culinary school graduate who has everything, this vacation will be one to remember. Whether you give a culinary school graduate one of these gifts or decide to go all-out and give all four, there's no doubt any culinary school graduate will be thrilled at receiving these gifts. Whether they're in their kitchen with a new Cuckoo rice cooker or dining in Paris or Bangkok, they're sure to have the thrill of a lifetime.

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Valentine’s Day is round the corner, and you must be feeling butterflies in your stomach so that you would remember it forever. The season of gifts and greetings is not yet settled completely, and here comes one more occasion when you want to leave no stone unturned to give your loved one a perfect gift. Lovers have always found it challenging to find a right gift for Valentine’s Day. From flowers to chocolates to clothing, couples in the past had enthusiastically exchanged these items as Valentine’s Day gifts. But sooner or later their heartfelt efforts are forgotten whatsoever. Therefore this Valentine’s Day you have an excellent opportunity to present a perfect jewelry as a memorable gift for your sweetheart. Regardless of how long you and your loved one have been together, the latest trends in the jewelry designs showcase timeless styles. Once you design and deliver custom jewelry piece as a gift to your loved one, then it will always remain as a shining symbol of your love for her/him. Naturally, such a Valentine’s Day is always going to go down well in your memory lane. However, you might feel a predicament again as to what jewelry pieces to select for that right gift. Here’s what we have for you to look out for: You would never get such a nice opportunity to present a charm bracelet as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lover. These bracelets specially made up of sterling silver provide a way to build beautiful memories that start with you. The specialty of charms is that they never run out of their relevance as well as style and this time around they are back in a big way. The heart shaped necklaces are among the most gifted jewelry items among lovers and spouses. Many believe that nothing expresses more love and romance better than gifting a heart necklace. You can find these heart shaped necklaces in a broad range of varieties such as metals, precious stones or a unique combination of both. Some of the most purchased designs include pendants and chains. The heart necklaces come in different lengths including choker, mid-length princess, and extra-long opera. While presenting any jewelry item anytime is a welcome gesture, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, a heart ring is something, which perfectly suits the occasion. Rings of different shapes and sizes are always appreciated, but heart shaped rings are perfect gifts to your Valentine. Nothing feels great when you put a heart ring onto the finger of your Valentine with sterling silver, diamond and precious stone embedded in it. No gemstone is as cool and pretty as a pearl, and this is the reason as to why pearls are often known as teardrops of the moon. So the jewelry made up of pearls can never be outdated in that they will always symbolize love and innocence. Some people even suggest that the pearl brings a calming effect as well as peace of mind in their lives. As far as Valentine’s Day is concerned, the necklaces made up of pearl beads are, without any doubt, a perfect gift for your valentine. Pearl is such a gemstone that exhibits a variety of natural colors, and each one is as attractive as the other. If you are seeking a right opportunity to confess your love for your loved one, then this Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to grab that opportunity. Moreover, people across the world must be looking forward to not to let this day go by without expressing their love. And if you are hesitant about what should be in your hands while popping that big question to your lover, a perfect engagement ring is the answer. On this occasion, you can have a broad range of designs to choose from such as traditional, vintage and the latest trends. Remember that the shine of the engagement ring decides what your relationship will be in the future. If you are still in doubt regarding what you will be presenting as a Valentine’s Day gift to your loved one, an attractive pair of earrings will be the great Valentine’s Day gift option for you. As a timeless gift item, the earrings are equally important for men and women to make their Valentine’s Jewelry gift a memorable one. If we go by the latest trends in jewelry, there is a large variety to pick and choose from – Diamond Stud Earrings, Hoop Earrings and Pearl Earrings. Valentine’s Day is an occasion when you want to present a unique gift to your beloved. So what else is better than a perfect piece of jewelry if you really want to make your loved one happy? The above-mentioned jewelry pieces are capable of qualifying and rising for the occasion when you find no other gift item as compelling and convincing.