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Lia Harrison

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Breast augmentation procedure Breast enhancement requires the use of breast implants and it is among the most common plastic surgery operations that are being performed today. There is an increase in women who want this procedure and this is to testify the satisfaction of women who underwent the procedure. Breast augmentation is recognized as a safe procedure and at least 95 percent of women who have had the procedure are satisfied with their results. Women describe that their feelings have been improved, with increase in their self-esteem and self-image giving a good boost to interpersonal skills. Why women decide to get an augmentation? Women choose to get this procedure because of many reasons. There are women who wish to increase their breast size so that their appearance can change while others may increase their self-esteem when their breast size changes. Breast augmentation can improve the looks of a woman in swimsuits and clothing of their choice. Some women become self-conscious about the shape and size of their breasts after massive weight loss, breastfeeding and pregnancy. In such situations, breast implants help in restoring the natural volume and contour of the breasts. Choices that a woman should make when it comes to breast augmentation There are different choices that a patient has to decide on before she gets a breast augmentation. The surgeon who will perform the procedure, will help in choosing the right implants and the process of performing this procedure. The choices to make include pocket placement, below or above the muscle, implant size, implant type – saline or silicone gel and the type of incision – axillary, periareolar or within the inframammary fold. The first consultation takes around 45 minutes up to an hour. This is the time that the doctor will ask you about your medical history, helps you in making the decisions and answers all the questions you may have. It is also time to see and feel the difference that exists between the various implants. During the consultation, you have to ensure that you understand everything about the implants so that you are able to make an informed decision when it comes to your breast augmentation surgery. Before the surgery itself, you will have to see the doctor so that you sign a surgical consent, have your photo taken and get the information packet.

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What is CBD tincture and its benefits CBD or cannabidiol is a type of compound which is found naturally in the hemp or cannabis plant. It is believed to have many healthy properties. CBD is found in a high level in hemp oil and it is packed with many other nutrients. The CBD tincture is found in many flavors and sizes. It is important to know more about the tincture so that you can choose the tincture that will work for you according to all your needs. What is a tincture? Tincture is a liquid extract of the active ingredients and mostly they are herbs which are infused in alcohol, oil or vegetable glycerin. They are taken orally and they are put under your tongue for at least a minute or even more. It allows the sublingual uptake of the tincture with efficient and quick delivery. CBD tincture is made using hemp oil which is normally high in CBD. The CBD tincture is among the well-known types of CBD hemp oil supplement. It is a combination of CBD hemp oil made in a liquid which makes it easy to take using a pump bottle or a dropper. When you are new to CBD supplements, then you should try out the tincture first. It is recommended for someone who wants to take a lower concentration of CBD. They are also the most affordable supplement you can find. CBD tincture is among the best products and it is not easy to beat the convenience of having a few drops of tincture in the morning. You can take it even when you travel and it is discreet. CBD tincture is found in different flavors and you can enjoy its unflavored version if you do not want the flavors available in the market. What to expect from your tincture When using CBD tincture, it is good to find out about the other ingredients in the mix. The simple tincture combines CBD with MCT oil from palm and coconut because they are the best source of fatty acids. For flavors, the makers can add peppermint, vanilla and cinnamon options. If you want a higher concentration of CBD, you can try out pure CBD hemp oil or CBD capsules.

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What is a Laser Lipo? A variation of the traditional liposuction procedure, a laser lipo uses low wave laser energy to liquefy fat and remove it through a cannula. This makes it a less aggressive procedure and also easy to eliminate fat. Since the procedure is less invasive, the recovery from laser lipo is faster as well. In some areas of the body like face or neck where fat levels are low, the use of cannula is omitted and the liquefied fat is allowed to be naturally absorbed. This process, however, is not for weight loss but simply to remove fat which is resistant to diet and exercise. Laser liposuction on the abdomen In the first laser lipo technique, the laser breaks down fat cells allowing the fatty oil to leak out and causing disruption for removal. The deeper layers of your skin also contain small blood vessels which are coagulated by laser leading to lesser bruises post your procedure. The laser is then used on the superficial layers under your skin for heating the cells and stimulating them for production of collagen and elastin. Not only with this tighten your skin but also enhance the quality of your skin post treatment. In the final step, the cell fragments and the fatty oil are removed to achieve the final contours of your body. Laser liposuction on the neck or face The second technique of laser liposuction is for thin fat like that found on your face or neck. It is also used in cases where only tightening of the skin is required. A laser guided liposuction is used just on the surface to break down the fat cells and the fatty oils and cell fragments are then naturally absorbed by the body. A cannula is not used in this case. Are you a good candidate for laser lipo? If you are considering getting laser lipo, then you should be somebody who has excess fat in mild or moderate amounts; skin laxity in mild or moderate amounts or if you are suffering from dimples, scars or cellulite issues. Liposuction is not only used for the abdomen, it has been proven to eliminate fat from your face, back rolls, neck, male breasts, knees, arms and thighs too.