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Disease in combination usually requires long-term medication. And, usually the doctors have to constantly monitor the interaction of one drug on the effectiveness of the other drug as well as affect on the disease. The issue is termed as chronic-multimorbid condition, where the patient suffers from more than two diseases. The matter of concern is that with growing age, the case of multimorbidity is gradually increasing. Hence the doctors treating such patients need to take in to a number of things in to account, which includes the treatment protocol for disease in combination. All doctors take care of disease safety in their practice. The main aspect of treatment is writing the best prescription for the disease and when it comes to writing prescription s for diseases in combination, the practitioners have to be extra cautious. Disease safety prescription writing can be best assured through an automated prescription writing software. Prescription Pad is one of such trusted and tested electronic medical writing software that takes care of disease in combination. The software has been developed keeping in mind the treatment protocol for diseases in combination. Whenever the details of the patient are entered who has been suffering from more than two diseases, the software intelligently suggest medications that do not interfere with the working of each other. Also, the software takes care of the previously taken medicines by the patients while prescribing new or fresh medications for other diseases. The doctors are promoted with the disease highlights along with informative details specific to the category, type, treatment alert in special situations, treatment alert for disease in combination is observed. Here are a few key points of Prescription Pad. Gives full information about the disease that include differential diagnosis and causes, disease related investigations and interpretations. All possible investigations suggested for the diseases in consideration. Option to find or locate specific treatment protocol for a disease from its indigenous database of diseases.

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Famous German biologist and philosopher of the 19th century, Ernst Haeckel, in his Theory of Recapitulation, said: "Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny" This suggests that the developmental stage of an embryo repeats all the intermediate phases of its ancestors throughout evolution. When the entire evolutionary phase is reincarnated in the process of birth, then it is obvious that the family/ancestral diseases and disorders are also passed on. When a doctor diagnoses a patient, family history plays an important role in determining many hidden reasons for the disease. There is always a concern remains whether the exact family medical history is properly referred to or at times they are overlooked. It is quite possible for human beings; however, an automated electronic prescription software would never miss it out. Further research in this context reveals that the occurrence of a specific disease condition remains prominent for at least the next eight generations down the line. Hence, understanding a patient’s family medical history hold utmost importance in understanding the current as well as probable disease conditions. The patient’s family health record, therefore, should be maintained and referred to on a regular basis. So, how to ensure that the practice is followed every time a doctor writes a prescription? The most striking solution is the use of health information technology. Specialised software like the Prescription Pad has well taken care of the same. Be it including detailed information of the patient’s present condition or his/her historic familial medical records, Prescription Pad has it all. How can Prescription Pad help the doctors? With the help of this software, doctors can note down each and every aspect of the family medical history in the software itself. Once, the records are fed into the software database, it will automatically analyse the current medical conditions as well as all at a later time. Accordingly, it will make recommendations and suggest the best medicine or the disease. The most important aspect of the software is that it works for disease conditions, be it general medical conditions such as hypertension or more critical issues like cancer, pulmonary diseases, diabetes or any genetically transmitted disease. Another advantage of the tool is that it organises all the patient’s details chronologically so that it helps for all future references. Drug interaction, indications and contraindications are also well analysed keeping in view with the medical history of the patient. It intelligently stores details about symptoms, diagnosis done, medical procedures/surgeries carried out, investigations suggested and drugs prescribed. Doctors may add as many family history details as available about the patient’s immediate blood relatives as well as other distant relatives. Prescription Pad is a new age electronic prescription writing software for the smart medical practitioners of the present time.

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Prescription writing for children has always been a careful task for medical practitioners. The age of the children plays a very important role in writing prescriptions as the strength of the dose is accordingly determined. Along with the composition of the medicines, doctors must take care of simple and general facts as well. For instance, many liquid preparations suitable for children usually contain sugar that encourage tooth decay. For long-term treatment, sugar-free preparations are advisable. This is just one, there are many such examples. Hence, the best help that doctors can take is use of specialised electronic prescription writing software in their practice. It has been some time; such medical software is being used in some of the big medical institutes in our country and abroad. However, its widespread use is something that can streamline the practice of medical prescription writing. An e-prescribing software with child growth module can help the paediatrician in more than one way. Let us see how. Dosages & Dose Calculation Paediatric doses, in no way, can be extrapolated from an adult dose. Hence, calculating the exact dose for preterm, neonate, infant, child and adolescent should be carefully done. A lot of things, such as age, body weight and even body surface area are taken while finding the dose and dose strength. This is where the usefulness of a prescription writing software is best realised. Understanding Adverse Drug Reactions Drug reaction is a critical aspect in case of paediatric medication. There is a whole bunch of drug combinations that can interact with the functioning of each other. For doctors, learning about all of them is important; however, tedious. On the other hand, prescription writing software can easily search from its own database of drugs whether the prescribed drug has conflicts with any other drug already consumed by the child is being prescribed in the same medication. Prescription Pad is one of such intuitive medical writing software that takes care of all such nitty-gritty while writing medications for children. The software is developed by experts in the field of medicine and being used by doctors, hospitals and medical colleges across the country and abroad.

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A division bench of the Delhi High Court has dismissed an appeal filed by Association of Clinical Biochemists and Microbiologists (ACBM) and upheld the MCI’s (Medical Council of India) notification that bars all laboratory technicians from verifying medical test reports. To give a backdrop to the event, the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) had raised a three-point clarification notification to the Medical Council of India on dated 12.08.2016. According to the letter NABL sought clarification to the following queries. 1) Whether the M. Sc. with Ph. D. candidates who as a matter of fact are not registered with MCI are eligible to sign medical laboratory reports? 2) Can persons holding MBBS degree registered with MCI/State Medical Council sign the medical test reports? 3) Can PhD (Medical Microbiology, Medical Biochemistry, Life Sciences, Applied Biology, Cytogenetics, Biotechnology) in relevant discipline be allowed to sigh medical test reports? if not, can the same be allowed if are co-authorised with a person registered with MCA/State Medical Council? Refer to the notification presented below that MCI issued o NABL in reply to its query generated on dated 12.08.2016. Report Courtesy: The Medical Council of India has clarified in the answer to the notice stating, “All lab reports to be signed/countersigned by persons registered with MCI/State Medical Council.” Hence, according to the letter, two immediate implications can be indicated. 1) Only qualified MBBS practitioners, who are registered with the Medial Council of India or the State Medical Council can now be allowed to sign lab reports. 2) Henceforth, no Medical MSc candidate or PhD candidates or Laboratory technician can sign lab reports. This is because the practitioners are not registered with MCI/State Medical Councils. This is a welcoming step in the medical fraternity and it is expected that with this notification, there will be more efficiency introduced to the system. The concern of reports getting verified and passed by unauthorised practitioners was always there. An incomplete, insufficient or properly unverified lab report can prompt towards misleading disease information. This can further lead to wrong medical prescription or wrong surgical or clinical procedures and adversely affect the patient’s condition. While we are strongly advocating for automating medical writing system notifications like this is a boon towards achieving greater efficiency in the entire system. Proper, verified laboratory reports will result in informed, appropriate and accurate medical prescription writing. The inferences can be suitably included in state-of-the-art prescription writing software, wherein a registered MBBS practitioner, authorised to sign lab reports can directly forward the verified lab report to respective medical practitioners though an automated medical writing software so that critical, valuable time and resources can be saved. This will not only bring time efficiency, but will also fasten the patient turnaround time, bring in transparency and safe medical/health record keeping.

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The cost to consumers for medicines has always been a matter of concern. Most of the people in our country consume, on an average, INR 100 value of medicines. With condition and severity of the disease, the amount spent on medicine per person can vary anywhere between INR3,000 to INR10,000 per month. The government has, therefore, amended a legal framework that asks the doctors to prescribe generic medicines. Any medical practitioner, who does not follow the same will have to face legal consequences, which may also include going behind the bars. The matter of concern here is, for doctors, who are habitual in writing prescriptions by brands may find a bit of hurdle to write generic medicines on the very first attempt. The ideal solution for this use of­ specialised prescription writing software that automatically prompts for generic drug details. As we all know, a generic drug is a medicine on which patents are expired. They are either sold as branded or unbranded products under their generic names. However, their intended use, strength, quality, performance, dosage and route of administration remain the same. After the legal intervention, the market is now gradually including generics. The tough part for doctors is that it is literally impossible to remember all of them. The good news is that automated prescription writing software can include them easily in their database and suggest as and when making the prescription. Again, if we consider in software point of view, being new in practice, not all the medical writing software have yet included generics in their database. however, the good part here is that India’s first prescription writing software, Prescription Pad has already done the job well in advance. With a view to encouraging the practice of generic drug prescribing, Prescription Pad has by now included more than 3,000 names in its database. Now, doctors can effortlessly prescribe generic drugs to their patients. The beauty of the software is that at the time of finally printing the prescription, the names of all generic equivalent of the prescribed drugs automatically appear. Day by day, Prescription Pad is constantly adding more and more generic drugs in its ever-growing database. The database of generic drugs is being compiled directly from the drug monographs of the manufacturers. The same is being authenticated by the authorities in the industry such as British National Formulary, PDR of USA and Martindale book of pharmacology. Doctors can be best assured of its usefulness and safety of the generic drug written through Prescription Pad as the software provides all vital information like drug dosage, mode of action, precautions, side effects, drug’s indications and contraindications. Prescription Pad aims at making medicines affordable by all and thereby, helping the government implement its policy framework at a large scale. Doctors using this software can also help the society and the larger section of the poor by bringing it into their habit to include generic medicines to the final prescription. Keyword: Automated Prescription software Prescription writing software with generic drug details prescription writing with generic drug

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“Healthy Children build a Stronger Nation” This is not just a slogan that we frequently quote during observing Children’s week. This slogan becomes very much important when we get ready to bring holistic upliftment of the state and status of child care in the world. Shockingly, according to an Institute of Medicine report approximately 7,000 paediatric deaths occur every year from preventable medication errors. This has called for an increasing consideration towards paediatric medication safety to be taken by the medical fraternity so that we can achieve the essence of the above-mentioned slogan. As a matter of fact, it is more evident that paediatric patients are more susceptible to medication errors. The reasons vary, which include difference in the physical and social approach, the necessity for perfect patient-specific dosing. Another important consideration in paediatric medication is weight-based drug calculation for the patients. Common errors are noticed in prescriptions for controlled substances. This has posed a serious question about the quality of prescription being written in our hospitals and clinics. Paediatric patient safety has become a big concern in the recent times. Moreover, what is disturbing is the cost of these errors. We are at a bigger stake that includes the patient, drug cost, potential therapeutic mishaps, pharmacist time and the physician. The most fitting solution available at the first hand is the use of electronic paediatric prescribing tool. This is an automated tool that takes care of the whole bunch of important as well as casual consideration involved in child medication. Electronic prescription software brings in a systematic approach to paediatric prescribing. Humanistic approach may, at times, fail to connect the missing links, but the software approach never fails to do the task. It is just a one-time affair to type in the necessary details about the patient in the software database and the tool, then takes care of every small and big aspect, weeks-on-week and months-on-month. Keeping this in view, many hospitals and medical education institutes have made a serious intervention by introducing medical prescriptions writing for safe medication practices. Out of a few trusted paediatric medical writing software, Prescription Pad offers the best child growth and development module for the paediatricians. The software has provisions for issuing safe prescription according to the individual child’s physical and medical conditions. This is the best prescription management software that has a dedicated paediatric module. The doctors are offered with advices, suggestions according to the information they feed into the patients’ database. The software takes an analytical approach to finding the overall growth pattern of the child right from its birth and accordingly suggests the best possible medication. To summarise, listed below are some of the key features of Prescription Pad. Comparative analysis of the child’s growth parameters against standard medical stats.Suggests remedial actions, in case of findings conferred on the basis of height, weight and head circumference. Complete medication and immunisation schedule suggested to the child. Complete growth and development status updated according to standard height and weight for the child’s age. Informative graphical presentation of based on various important factors like Apgar score, Denver Developmental Screening, body surface area calculator etc. Prescription Pad is an ideal solution for eradicating medication errors in a prescription for paediatric patients. Many paediatricians, who are using the software are in the opinion that Prescription Pad has dramatically reduced the risk of rolling out wrong medication to their patients. Their task has become cleaner and more efficient.

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The treatment and medical practice management for pregnant women call for a seriously integrated approach for the doctors. Due to the fact that the process itself takes a long time and a number of aspects are required to be considered throughout the process. Hence, for a doctor, it becomes very important to maintain a historical record of the patient at every phase of the consultation. Difficulties or challenges arise at a time when certain important diagnosis reports or test results are misplaced or lost. Both the patient and the doctor, in this case, face difficulty or challenges. Looking at the issue, use of a trusted medical practice management software seems to be the best alternative for the doctors. As a matter of fact, the gynaecologist has to deal with a number of medical conditions at a time. So, when we speak about a prescription writing software that has provision of pregnancy module, it must be complete with all aspects. Let us see what all should be there in such a pregnant patient management software. The first and the foremost consideration is finding out the expected date of delivery. The software should be able to optimally suggest the expected date of delivery so that other important schedules can be prepared accordingly. This includes regular checkups, ultrasound, scanning, monitoring of the baby’s development, immunisation during the pregnancy etc. On every visit of the patient, the software should present the historical details in a nutshell so that past and present health conditions can be analysed together. This helps in deeply understanding the future course of action. This is like creating a self-explaining patient chart management system that helps the doctor in more than one way. It is common that during the course of the pregnancy, the patient may develop other medical condition, diseases or disorders. So, as soon as any such information is entered into the its database, the software must be able to suggest the most appropriate treatment solution and prescribe the best medicines for thOn every visit of the patient, the software should present the historical details in a nutshell so that past and present health conditions can be analysed together. This helps in deeply understanding the future course of action. This is like creating a self-explaining patient chart management system that helps the doctor in more than one way. It is common that during the course of the pregnancy, the patient may develop other medical condition, diseases or disorders. So, as soon as any such information is entered into the its database, the software must be able to suggest the most appropriate treatment solution and prescribe the best medicines for those conditions. Here, the important aspect is drug safety. None of the previously taking drug should interact adversely with any other drug necessary for the patient. In such a case, a safe list of drugs should be prompted for the doctor to consider. Among a few reliable and trusted prescription writing software, Prescription Pad is increasingly gaining popularity among the medical practitioners. The software has a dedicated module to manage patient chart for the pregnant women. Listed below are some of its salient features pertaining to the pregnancy module. Prescription Pad automatically calculates expected date of delivery in reference to the patient’s last menstrual period. Every time a visit to the gynaecologist is made, a complete obstetric record of the patient is created in its database that provides regular updates on the pregnancy status on the future visits. Prescription Pad checks for drug interactions & drug safety automatically for pregnant women. This helps the doctor with warning updates pertaining to any unfortunate effect associated with the particular drug, if any. With the feature mentioned above and more similar features, Prescription Pad truly takes a holistic approach in updating the doctors about all the small and serious points that must be considered during the entire course of the pregnancy. Prescription Pad is 100% safe, foolproof and efficient prescription writing software with dedicated pregnancy monitoring module. Keyword: Patient Chart Management Patient management software medical practice management software For more information please access below:-

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Patients management in the current time has gone way ahead that was done hardly half a decade ago. Gone are the days when the entire hospital administration including the doctors, nurses, clinicians, pharmacies, and even the patients themselves, were carrying heaps of prescriptions, advice slips, lab reports, pharmacy bills along. Patient and medication management has now gone the e-way with intuitive prescription management software. It has simplified the working of the whole ecosystem of patients, hospital administrative staff, doctors, laboratories, pharmacies and the patients themselves. At the core of this practice management software lies the smart management of information that is disseminated among the patients, doctors, labs and pharmacies. As, in patient management one step leads to the other, the same protocol is followed in the software. The whole idea of a practice management software is not only to bring a process-intensive approach, but to bring in harmony, collaboration, accuracy, patient safety, and quality to the practice. There are many check points in the process that is tactfully addressed by a prescription writing software. This includes, order entry, e-Prescribing, medication reconciliation, Lab ordering and monitoring, pharmacy and in certain aspect, medication administration. Let us have a look at how one prescription management software is making a big difference in the complex process of patient management. Appointment Management The very process of patient management starts with the appointment. The software entirely do away with the tedious task of making physical visits and lengthy phone calls to make the appointment. The same task is further simplified when the patient makes a visit to the hospital. Instead of manual entry in to the record books or offline computer systems, the practice management software beings the thread of information management right at the reception desk. The respective doctors are signalled about their patients’ records trough the software. e-Prescribing The process is then furthered from the doctors’ desk. All the details about the patients, their diseases, drug details, family history, allergy symptoms, and other vital facts are taken. Then, the doctors can make their analysis and advice medication or further diagnostic tests or surgical procedures as required. And, all these without using a piece of paper or a drop of ink. Universal Drug Database The main advantage with e-prescribing software is the universal drug database. Day in and out, there are a number of drug enter in to the market. Some of them are discontinued or banned from the system also. Many alternatives also arrive at the same time. Keeping manual track of all of them is mere impossible for an individual, unless timely and correct information is available. This is not the case with a smart practice management software. Integrated Laboratory and Pharmacy Management The role of laboratory and pharmacies is also well integrated in the practice management software. The thread of information is then forwarded to the respective laboratories and pharmacies so that necessary preparations are made in advance. And, imagine all these are done again paperless. The time factor is also managed in the optimum possible way. EHR Management At the back of the whole concept works a robust electronic health record management mechanism. Once, the patient’s medical record is created, the software links it to all the departments concerned. Neither the doctors nor the patients have to worry about any loss of information or facts at any stage. Furthermore, it builds a rich eHealth record system for all the patients, who once come under the purview of the practice management software. Tags these are :- Patient Management Software, Prescription management software, practice management software, clinic management software, electronic prescription software, eHealth record system, digital health record Fore more information please access below:-

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Health and medical emergencies have become one among the top priorities for people in the recent times.With technological development in the field of medical and surgical science, doctors and hospitals are able to provide new hope to the patients. This has increased the responsibilities and patient handling load of the hospitals, demanding them to go for effective and failsafe automated patient information record system. Integrated Electronic Medical Record system or in short, IEMR is an answer to such a growing need for better, hassle-free and safe patient handling and health information management. IEMR is a broader term and it encompasses a myriad of aspects concerning patient health/medical information management. In this post, we will elaborate expansively on the various needs and their suitable remedies, which IEMR software has taken care of efficiently. Needs that led to the development of IEMR Standardisation for all Usage The evolution of IEMR software is deeply driven by the need to standardise health record keeping and tracking patients’ information. Hospitals keep on adding bunches over bunches of files containing vital health records of their patients. A patient’s medical record does not alone contain information about the current state of the patient, but carries a historical record of diseases and also that of his/her ancestors. The real need of the software is felt when doctors require to access to earlier history of the disease and searching one particular file from the mountainous repository is a daunting task. IEMR software, in this regard brings a standardise approach to safe record keeping of the patients. It brings the concept of digitised hospital softwaresystem to working. It is like one system, one platform, one build and one access point - standardised for all touse. Each patient has one unique health ID that serves as key to unlock the entire health information of the patient. Collaboration with Diagnostic Centres and Pharmacies IEMR software prove to be helpful in collaborating the patients’ hospitals with the diagnostic centres and pharmacies as well. Patients are really benefitted in a way that they get all their reports and medications in one place and that too in electronic form. there is no ambiguity about the name of the tests or the medicines prescribed. Once the consultation is done, the eHealth record systemitself sends an alert to respective diagnostic centres and pharmacies eachas required, which makes the patients’ life each and hassle-free. Building a Rich Health Information Repository for all The first interface of patients’ health information record/management is maintained at the registration desk. That starts a critical thread, which includes prescriptions advised by all the doctors, diagnosis made time to time, medications prescribed and subsequent follow ups made. Imagine, the web of information created automatically for each patient during the course. Mostly, all of them are paper-based copies carried and circulated among all the departments.Digital health record system makes it simplified. Imagine, if at any stage, any of the proofs or papers is lost, how difficult it would be for the patients to recreate them. IEMR software addresses this issue promptly by maintaining a digital repository of all the information generated in its database. So, the patients’ records are all available safely with the doctors. Any time, anyone requests a copy, it is matter of a click to share the same with the patients. Tags these are:- IEMR, Integrated Electronic Medical Record, and related – digitised hospital software, eHealth record system, digital health record For more information please access below:-

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Electronic Prescribing system or in short e-prescribing systems has started gaining great acceptance in India. E-prescription refers to computer-based electronic system of generation, transmission and filling of a medical prescription that very closely associates various components, such as the Prescriber (usually the Physician), the Transaction Hub, and the Pharmacy. E-prescription in India is not a new thing. Quality medical prescribing software, such as ‘Prescription Pad’ have already left their presence felt in the India market making the job of numerous physicians easy, quick, and more systematic. Prescription Pad has emerged as an industry leader in the Indian subcontinent as a trusted and tried medical prescription writing software that has completely taken the place of paper and faxed prescriptions. Physicians, physician assistants or even nurse practitioners find it easy and user-friendly. They are able to fill patient’s records digitally that will hardly ever be lost or misplaced as the hard copied usually do. Transmitting these digital prescription across the levels is a matter of fraction of time, that to without involving a single penny, literally. The software is a complete repository of the symptoms of numerous diseases, drug information, disease information, patent records, drug reaction information, drug safety details, and many more. In addition, it records the details of the patients, such as patients' history, surgery details, physical examinations, investigation results, pregnancy details, and many more. There are various checks, in terms of ‘Drug Security Checks’ for patients’ conditions with critical conditions so that drug usage can be controlled beyond the level that may harm the patient’s condition. For Pharmacies, the software is also proved to be helpful, as it systematically maintains and disseminates the details of the various drug name, manufacturers' details, dosage name, group name, Contra-Indications, and any other information. Prescription Pad can be called a complete end-to-end medical software solution as there are provisions to arrange right from the Outdoor (OPD) card to, doctor’s visit, diagnosis, hospitalization, medication, revisits, surgeries, and every other details involved. Meeting or appointment can be scheduled online with this software. To do away with the fear of losing sensitive and critical medical records, Prescription Pad also facilitates data backup features. Many hospitals in all over India are using Prescription Pad and reaping the benefits of online medical prescription writing software. This is the ultimate tool that the modern age physicians, patients, pharmacies, transaction hubs need to make their work and life much smoother and streamlined. Tags these are:- ePrescription, Software for Doctors, Healthcare software,Clinic Management,Patient EMR,medical practice management,medical practice management For more information pls go below:-