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November 3, 2017 By:
When your existing roof is failing and it’s time for a new one, the ideal solution is to pay for it with money you’ve put away into savings for just such an occasion. But not everyone has the luxury of several thousand dollars sitting in the bank in case of emergencies. If you can’t pay for your new roof with money you already have, you’ll have to pay with borrowed money in some form. Here’s what you need to know about your options. Home improvement loan Technically speaking, any loan you use to pay for home improvements could be termed a home improvement loan but for the sake of this discussion, we’ll refer to home improvement loans as loans borrowed against the equity in your home to pay for improvements. Since this is a type of secure loan with your home’s equity as collateral, this will have the best interest rates and will be the cheapest way to borrow. Unfortunately, you also risk losing your home to the bank if you default on it. Personal loans and credit cards Personal loans and credit cards are usually unsecured debts and come with higher interest rates, especially credit cards. While personal loans usually have a lower rate, they require a good credit score and can end up being more expensive depending on how long it takes to repay it. Credit cards are the better option if you can pay the debt down fast but will end up being far more expensive than a personal loan if you get caught in a cycle of just making the minimum payment month after month. Other considerations Don’t pay for your new roof up front. Either pay at the end, or if installments are required, make sure you and the contractor are in agreement about how often and how much each installment payment will be. A new roof is expensive, but putting it off when it’s needed is even more expensive so if you need a new roof but money is tight, contact a Spokane roofing company today to discuss payment options. Home improvement news brought to you by

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Looking to hire a roofing company for some roof repair or a roof replacement? You’ll no-doubt have dozens of options and that’s without counting amateur roofers who advertise in online and newspaper classified ads. You probably even have a few friends of friends who have dabbled in roofing work as well. With so many options, how do you narrow it down to just one? If you need to hire a Spokane roofing company, start by eliminating all that don’t meet the following five criteria: They have a local address. The roofer you hire should be local and they should have an actual place of business. If they work out of a truck or travel from town to town chasing storms, they won’t need to worry about maintaining a good reputation and they may not be around to honor any warranties. They offer a warranty. Reputable roofers stand by their work; they’ll offer a warranty on the installation on top of any warranty that comes with the roofing shingles so that failure due to poor workmanship is still covered if the manufacturer’s warranty is voided. A good BBB rating. The Better Business Bureau evaluates businesses according to the number of complaints opened against that company and, more importantly, the company’s track record when it comes to resolving those complaints. They can show proof of license and insurance. The quickest way to ensure that a roofing company is at least competent is to at least make sure they have a roofing license and insurance. This will most likely rule out all the classified ad roofers and your friends of friends. Certified by a major roofing shingle manufacturer. Reputable roofers almost always partner with a specific shingle supplier and will be certified by that supplier demonstrating that they are trained in the best practices for installing that supplier’s products. Home improvement news brought to you by Source:

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The roof on your home is so much more than the shingles or tiles that form the visible part. A good roofing system requires a solidly built roof deck that can bear the weight of the roofing material and doesn’t sag in any places. It needs an underlayer to act as a last line of defense when driving rain or tiny gaps in the roof allow water in. It needs flashing to channel water away from roof’s most vulnerable areas and towards the rain gutter system which must be well-maintained in order to get water off of the roof quickly after rain or snow. Finally, a good roofing system needs adequate attic insulation and roof ventilation. Here are four reasons why. It can prevent moisture and rot in the roof deck An improperly or insufficiently ventilated and insulated attic space can become extremely hot in the summer. This can cause condensation which leads to moisture accumulating in your attic space. Over time even a little moisture can cause serious problems as your roof deck begins to rot and sag and become structurally unsound. It can prevent shingles from warping and cracking An extremely warm attic space bakes the shingles from the underside while the sun bakes it on the other. Shingles that are too hot will warp and crack eventually leading to roof leaks. It drastically reduces the lifespan of the shingles. It can prevent ice dams in the winter When the attic is considerably warmer than the outside air in the winter, snow on your roof will melt and then refreeze along the edges forming ice dams that can damage your rain gutters and force gaps between shingles where water can seep through as it melts. It can protect your roof warranty Because all of these roofing problems are preventable with adequate ventilation and insulation, roofing material manufacturers can void the warranty on the shingles if a roofing inspection uncovers issues with the ventilation and insulation. A roof inspection by a Spokane roofing company can uncover these issues before they get out of hand. Home improvement news brought to you by Source:

August 1, 2017 By:
Last week an Alabama roofing company, as well as several copycats, made headlines when they offered a free AR-15 rifle to anyone who hired them to install a new roof. Inspired by this trend of unusual freebies, a Colorado roofing company is getting in on the fun by offering $500 worth of marijuana to customers who get a new roof. Since Colorado is one of eight states that has legalized marijuana, this offer is completely legal, albeit, a bit controversial. Since Washington happens to be another state where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, it’s possible that you might see some Spokane roofing companies making similar offers. Gimmick or legitimate marketing technique? Many have accused roofers who offer semi automatic rifles and marijuana to customers of using gimmicks to get business. Gimmicks, by design are meant to get publicity and these offers are certainly doing that. After all, guns and pot don’t really have anything to do with roofing. What they do have in common is controversy. How to choose a good contractor For starters, don’t base your decision solely on the promise of weed or firearms. These roofers might do very good work but to make your decision, you’ll have to do some more research. The roofer you hire should have an established reputation in the community as well as a license, proof of insurance, and a good warranty on their work. If they want to give you $500 worth of marijuana too, well just consider that a bonus. Home improvement news brought to you by Source:

July 17, 2017 By:
An Alabama roofing company recently stirred up controversy when they aired a… er… patriotic commercial featuring stars, stripes, fireworks, and guns. What do guns have to do with roofing? Nothing really but that didn’t stop the company from offering a free AR-15 rifle for every customer who has a new roof installed. The move sparked controversy with 2nd amendment supporters praising the move and gun control advocates condemning it. It turns out, in this case, a little controversy is a good thing as new roof sales are up for the company and several other roofing companies around the country are matching the offer. In fact, the company who initially aired the commercial said they purposefully distributed the ad around pro second amendment and gun control groups knowing that it would stir up controversy and conversation, which is exactly what they wanted--attention. The roofing company was quick to point out that they weren’t simply handing out AR-15s to any and everyone like candy on halloween. The company only gives a voucher to the homeowner. The homeowners still has to go in to make the purchase and meet all of the requirements to be able to actually do so. People who can’t pass criminal background checks obviously wouldn’t be able to redeem the free offer. Those that can legally purchase a firearm however, can do so and use the voucher to get it for free. Who knows how long this bizarre buy-a-roof-get-a-free-gun trend will continue. Perhaps Spokane roofing companies will be doing it next. Home improvement news brought to you by Source:

July 4, 2017 By:
The cost for a new roof can vary drastically based on a number of different factors. A simple, three-tab asphalt shingle roof on a relatively small home might cost a few thousand dollars. A top-of-the-line slate roof on a larger home can cost tens of thousands. If you’re wondering what you’ll end up paying for a new roof, consider the following factors Roofing materials Not surprisingly, which material you go with is one of the biggest factors that determine price. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable. Wood shakes can cost 2-3 times the cost and metal is usually a little more expensive than that. Tile and slate tend to be the most expensive materials. Roof size Roof size is the second of the two biggest determining factors of roof cost. Roof materials are ordered in squares. One roofing square is 100 square feet, or one ten-foot-by-ten-foot section. If you have an estimated cost per square for the material and an estimated number of squares you need, then you have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be paying for the materials. Roof slope and architectural features Roofs with a steeper slope or complex architectural features present more of a challenge for roofers so the cost of the installation itself may be higher. Roof removal The cost of labor to remove and dispose of the existing roof before installation is factored into the cost of a roof. If the existing roof is in good condition and the roof deck can support the weight, some homeowners choose to install the new roof over the existing one to save money. Get a free estimate Of course, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to get one for free from a Spokane roofing company. They’ll take all of these factors into consideration as well as a few others and provide you with a written estimate at no cost. Home improvement news brought to you by Source:

June 16, 2017 By:
A roof leak is a homeowner’s worst nightmare and if one goes undiscovered too long, it can quickly rack up thousands in repair costs. Since it’s to your advantage to catch a roof leak as early as possible, here are a few warning signs to watch for. Moss on the roof Moss is a good indicator for a roof leak because moss acts like a sponge and the sections of roof where moss is present are constantly exposed to water and that will eventually lead to a roof leak. Even if you don’t have a leak yet it’s important to take care of moss on your roof. Cracked, curling, or missing shingles Shingles crack, curl, or flyaway due to constant exposure to the sun and wind. Any damaged or missing shingles are vulnerable sections that may lead to a roof leak. Damaged flashing Flashing is the underlayer beneath the shingles in the more vulnerable parts of your roof such as in roof valleys and around chimneys, vents, and skylights. If the flashing is damaged or if the seal around it is compromised, there’s a good chance you have a leak. Granule loss Asphalt shingles have little ceramic granules that act as a protective coating. When they age, the granules will fall off and accumulate in the rain gutters. When this happens, they start to wear thin and water can get through. Water spots in the attic or on the ceiling When discoloration from water stains appear in the attic or on the ceiling, consider that your last warning before water is pouring in. Since water has a way of traveling between the source of the leak and the dripping, having a Spokane roofing company come out to inspect is your best chance for finding and fixing the source of the leak. Home improvement news brought to you by

June 1, 2017 By:
Our previous article looked at three factors homeowners need to consider when selecting a roofing material. Here are four more. Appearance Different roofing materials will create different looks. Clay tile roofs, for instance are usually seen paired with Spanish or Italian architecture and may not look appropriate for a Ranch-styled home. Standing seam metal roofing tends to look more commercial though there are other metal roofing products that more closely resemble natural materials like wood or slate. Finally, there are synthetic materials that come in a variety of colors and styles. Climate Different materials fare better in different climates. For instance, clay and concrete tiles do very well in hot, dry climates since they don’t expand and warp in extreme heat like asphalt but they don’t fare as well in areas prone to hailstorms or very strong winds since they have a lower impact rating and can easily break when struck by debris. Home’s structure Heavy materials like concrete tile or slate are great materials but they’re not for every home. Low-sloped roofs or older homes can’t always support heavier roofs without major expensive upgrades to the home’s structure. Environmental impact Since the public is becoming more concerned about how their lifestyle affects the environment, it’s worth considering how various roofing materials impact the environment. Because asphalt shingles are petroleum-based and need to be replaced the most often, they’re generally viewed as the least environmentally friendly though they can be recycled to be used in roadways or other roofing products. Natural materials like slate or wood are of course more environment friendly. Even metal is a good choice since they can be made from recyclable materials and are 100% recyclable. If you still need help deciding, get in contact with a Spokane roofing company to ask about location-specific suggestions. Home improvement news brought to you by Source: