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Hafeez Pirzada

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Hafeez Pirzada Lawer Associates is the leading law firm in Pakistan among many professional law firms. HPLA work as dynamic and progressive professional law associates in Pakistan. The law firm has been growing day by day in both size and reputation and become a sign of quality among the professional agencies in Pakistan. We have both seasoned and young professionals. All the lawyers are available to guide you and committed to work for your complex situation. We have the talented legal creative lawyers. We just not satisfy our clients we work on their problems and solve them by making huge research. You would definitely see the unfair judgment in the interior side of Pakistan, they have their own rules and regulations. This system of solving the issues leave the poor bereft. HPLA can even work for them and take them as our organization's responsibility. Our law firm's client is the king and we respect their dignity. You see there are many lawyers providing agencies in Karachi but we are the only one who could go through the deep research for each and every case. In the recent time the world has been facing tremendous changes. We have the lawyers that give legal advices on business across borders. It is necessary that the lawyer associates should have knowledge and experienced in local as well as international laws. The world is redefining, and the people here suffering from more complex situations, so it is the today's need to share your problems and ask for the solutions to one of the most leading agency- HPLA.

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In today’s world, there is too much difficult to hire best law firms in Pakistan. It’s not easy to find the right firm for your legal work. In Pakistan, regular folks require law offices for having legal counselors and attorneys are the best for the specialist to have his own lawful consultant. Hafeez Pirzada Law Associates is a law office that gives best of the legal counselors in Karachi and Islamabad. HPLA is the legal advisor in Pakistan. We are here for all your legal problems in Pakistan. You can contact any time or you can visit our office for your legal problems. HPLA is providing the best services to our customers with the best advice. A large portion of Professional backer in Pakistan and Legal counselor in Pakistan will more often than not take for a free introductory conference; it will empower you to meet with them to talk about the issues you're probably going to confront. There are superb approaches to become more acquainted with the firm and specialists that will deal with your legitimate inquiry, and they will allow you to survey regardless of whether they're the correct individuals for you and your business. You can ask, however many inquiries as could be expected under the circumstances in your counsel, and you ought to guarantee that you talk about expenses in full. Ensure that expenses are laid on the table before you train a supporter, and furthermore, it will be evident whether they chip away at a settled charge or hourly premise. Try not to be hesitant to have a discussion with more than an advocate, either. This will likewise allow you to weigh up firms against each other, and in addition looking at the best quotes. Here you can state, each business is unique, however, picking a Legal guide in Pakistan is an exceptional individual issue. Subsequent to following these means will help you pick the best Professional promoter in Pakistan for your business needs, ensuring that you, and your business, are dealt with regards to lawful issues.

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Choosing the true legal adviser in Pakistan or professional advocate in Pakistan for your own business can be a little bit tricky. Here we will tell you how to choose the best professional advocate in Pakistan 0r legal advisor in Pakistan.It is inevitable that all of businesses & companies, no matter what are their size, how many employees they have?, you will need a best legal advice at one point or another time in your business Whether this is related to your employment law, disputes or simply drawing up contracts or legal agreements. It’s very important to make sure that you find the correct solicitor or law firm to suit your needs. After Choosing the wrong person to deal with your business can cause a headache, and you could find yourself having to fork out extortionate costs for a solicitor and that simply isn’t right for you.However, there are many steps by which you can take a help through which you choose the best legal firm to suit your needs as a business. Following are these guidelines which can really help you to ensure that you look for the perfect person for the job, enhancing the chances that your needs are meeting for the long-term.You can Ask around in your networkYou can find a professional advocate in Pakistan or legal advisor in Pakistan through searching in your colleagues. To start, you can ask other businesses in your local area who they have used, and to build a good knowledge base of recommendations. After knowing who others have successfully dealt with is the best possible testimonial you can hear, particularly if you are asking businesses of a similar nature or size to your own. It’s also a good idea to look online sites for recommendations, as most online research will throw out some opinions concerning that legal firm in question whether they are good or not. Experience You can check their experience also that how much they are capable of & how much they are sure about their task.Many recommendations will allow you to pinpoint the most reputable advocates in your local area, it’s vital that when it comes to choose a legal firm for your business, you should check out their accreditations and area specialties. By Choosing a firm with all of the correct and necessary practice certificates goes without saying, but it WILL BE also good to check out what areas they hold specific accreditations in. Try to find firms that hold qualifications, and have experience, in those areas that you’re likely to find legal advice in. You’re a start-up and needing to negotiate for a premises then you should choose a firm which specializes in lease and property agreements. Same goes for all areas of law, whatever your legal need, you can try to find a solicitor that can best suit your requirements by looking at the accreditations which they hold.Consultation feeMost of Professional advocate in Pakistan & Legal advisor in Pakistan will usually take for a free initial consultation; it will enable you to meet with them to discuss the issues you’re likely to face. There are excellent ways to get to know the firm and solicitors that will be handling your legal query, and they will give you the chance to size up whether or not they’re the right people for you and your business. You can ask as many questions as possible in your consultation, and you should ensure that you discuss costs in full. It’s vital to ensure that costs are laid on the table before you instruct an advocate, and also it will be clear whether they work on a fixed fee or hourly basis. You should not be afraid to have a consultation with more than advocate, either. This will also give you the chance to weigh up firms against each other, as well as comparing the best quotes. In most of things in business, your relationship with your advocate will be first and foremost be a business partnership; and it’s also important to use a consultation to make sure that it’s a partnership when you feel comfortable with. You should always choose a solicitor that you feel best understands your business, as this will also help to encourage a lasting, and happy, business relationship.Here you can say, every business is different, but choosing a Legal advisor in Pakistan is a very personal matter. After following these steps will help you to choose the best Professional advocate in Pakistan for your business needs, making sure that you, and your business, are taken care of when it comes to legal matters.

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You can find multiple international law firms in Pakistan, but if you are looking for a law firm that can give you assistance on all the areas of criminal and civil laws of Pakistan then HPLA can help you out. The abbreviation of (HPLA) is Hafeez Pirzada Law Associates, which is known as a highly recommended and leading law firm in Pakistan. It has completely operational offices in Islamabad and Karachi. The best part about Hafeez Pirzada Law Associates is that it has the ability to counsel on every area of criminal and civil laws present in Pakistan. It covers both transactional and litigation matters. The areas of expertise of HPLA are in arbitration, banking and finance and civil litigation. This law firm is created by the late Hafeez Pirzada who was BSc. LLD, barrister and senior advocate in the year 1959 in Supreme Court. He was even the author of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the year 1973. Late Hafeez Pirzada is known as the foremost professional in the area of Administrative and constitutional law. Abdul Sattar Pirzada, who was the barrister and advocate in Supreme Court, posses the same vision as Hafeez Pirzada and he became the new leader of the firm,. With Abdul Sattar Pirzada hard work and continuous effort HPLA has grown significantly in dimension with outstanding results. Currently, HPLA has multiple members and partners, who are self-employed, autonomous, expert legal practitioners; this includes the advocates and barristers of the Supreme Court. HPLA has a huge facility from where a high number of client bases are tackled whether it’s within Pakistan or out of the country. HPLA has the capability to provide solutions and practical advices that are legal in the law of Pakistan to its clients. It has one of the high ranked professional law associates in Pakistan. The best part about HPLA is that its advocates and barristers are doing practice on a regular basis. They appear in the high court’s of Pakistan to make sure their legal practices are upgraded. The head of HPLA Mr Pirzada including the other members of the firm are currently presenting on behalf of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association regarding a very critical matter of the ruling of sugar industry. HPLA has successfully protected the Pakistan Telecommunication Company privatization in lieu of the commission of Privatization. The measures demanding the same were discharged. HPLA members salso appearing in the civil courts on behalf of the concessionaire of a tender given for the creation of the M-9 Motorway which is in the way of Karachi to Hyderabad. The firm is working outstanding and defending million of matters both internationally and domestically. It is dealing with all the arbitration issues ranging from domestic to international Court regarding Arbitration. The Arbitration courts are present in Singapore, European Union and United Arab emirates. HPLA members are dealing the cases of transactional matters also and they are working for a wide range of clients and give them advices on daily basis. These clients are from different areas like pharmaceuticals, telecommunication companies, food chains, financial institutions, publishing houses, educational institutions, cement manufacturers and construction companies.

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In Pakistan, civilians need law firms for having lawyers and lawyers are the best for the business man to have his own legal advisor. Hafeez Pirzada Law Associates is a law firm that provides best of the lawyers in Karachi and Islamabad. hpla.com.pk covers a range of full corporate and advisory service provider. Our team of expertise consists of barristers and advocates provides far ranging premium quality and dispute resolution services in the areas of civil litigation, banking and finance, telecommunication, contract law criminal litigation, arbitration, banking and finance, construction, oil and gas, taxation, real estate and property. The advisors answer client’s questions and explain legal solutions that they can opt for. HPLA is the platform for resolving the issues for both individual and business clients by its all inclusive legal services. The law firm-HPLA uses its resources with the knowledge and experience of the lawyers who looks forward for the productive solutions that can resolve their client’s issues. The firm ensures you that its clients receive top quality legal solutions and take part for the long term success while they doing business in Pakistan. Our firm also works on commercial agreements, license, and finance and lease agreements. In addition to this we advice companies for the loans, foreign investment, corporate structuring, strategic advisory, regulatory compliance, governmental affairs, merges, privatization, project financing, acquisition, and project development.For representing the clients before courts and international arbitrate forum, hoopla maintains a strong dispute resolution practice. We are the best law associates in Pakistan owns best lawyers in Pakistan; keenly focus to untangle the cases with our expertise’s strategies.