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Hannah Porras

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Let’s face it; college is expensive. With rising tuition rates all over the country, the need for students to make money on the weekends to supplement the cost of textbooks, dorm rent, and food expenses is the top priority for many. If you are in college and have run into some money that you aren’t sure what to do with, you can invest the funds into your own business and make a significant dent in your tuition while increasing your ongoing earning potential. Here are three great ideas for self-owned businesses that college students can easily run on weekends. 1.Start Your Own Food Truck Business Starting a food truck business requires a great degree of planning, but once you have all of your ducks in a row the rewards are endless. The first step is to research the various food truck builders who offer high-quality custom construction and find one who can see your vision and carry it from start to finish. Once you have a custom food truck outfitted to serve the type of cuisine on your menu and showcase your brand in a memorable manner, the job itself can be run according to your own schedule. Whether you have a light class load on Wednesdays and you park your truck by the pier on those days, or you make the rounds hitting all the hot spots on the weekends, owning your own food truck business is ideal for a college student because it is flexible and highly profitable. 2.Start a Digital marketing Service from Your Dorm Room If you are a savvy writer, have a knack for marketing, and a good understanding of how Google works, you can take make some pretty good money running digital marketing services. By building simple WordPress sites and performing basic SEO services for small businesses, you can offer a scalable monthly service without overpromising the bigger things that marketing agencies perform. Some businesses don’t want to work with agencies due to budget restrictions and instead look for one-man operations who can perform just enough tasks to make their investment profitable. This is a great self-owned business for a college student to run because tasks can be performed when it is convenient around studying and taking exams. The business can also be run from anywhere there is an internet connection. 3.Start Your Own Fitness Business If you love fitness and have a gift for teaching others, you could start your own business working as a personal trainer. Your clients could be other students, faculty members, or even people who live in the local community. You can book training sessions around your classes and study obligations, and even run boot camps on the weekends for various types of clients. The workout equipment generally required running personal training businesses and bootcamps is minimal; a few mats, some resistance cables, and other items that can be thrown into the back of a truck and taken anywhere. This is one of the most popular self-owned businesses run by college students throughout the world. It is also a great job to have for making new friends!

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Founded in 1902 by four women with a vision, Delta Zeta is known as the “mother of sororities” because it launched the same year women have admitted to Miami University--the academic institution where it all began. Since 1954 the sorority has helped support speech and hearing and works closely with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This special organization is highly selective because it looks for members who are highly dedicated to continuing the cause. If your sister, girlfriend or wife is a proud member of the Delta Zeta sisterhood, here are six great gift ideas to give your loved one. 1. Custom Delta Zeta Clothing If your loved one enjoys proudly showing off her rose and green colors, consider surprising her with custom Delta Zeta clothing gifts for all occasions. A pair of sweats for those cold winter evenings would provide a great way for staying comfy, and a tank top and that would be ideal for the beach. Making a bulk order on custom Delta Zeta t-shirts is also a great gift idea not just for her, but for the entire chapter too while demonstrating your total support! 2. Get Her a Turtle The official mascot of Delta Zeta is the turtle. Why not get your loved one a little box turtle with a tank and the necessary components to create a nice living environment for him? The tank would be small and ideal for a dorm room, and box turtles require low maintenance. If the responsibility of having a pet on campus is not ideal for her, then a little-stuffed turtle plush toy will suffice and remind her of your love and care. 3. A New Pair of Stylish Sunglasses Since Delta Zeta is focused on improving sight, why not help improve hers on the brightest of days with a pair of stylish new sunglasses? Shop online for rose and green colored frames. If you can’t find the right style in the right colors, try getting a pair of glasses she will love with a rose and green carrying case. 4. Custom Jewelry in Her Sorority Colors If you go onto Etsy you can find a number of custom jewelers capable of making virtually anything you can drum up in your imagination. Consider a bracelet made from rose gold with pink and green tourmaline semi-precious stones. Pink tourmaline appears in a rose color and is spiritually associated with relieving stress--perfect for wearing on exam days. Green tourmaline promotes joy, happiness, energy, and self-compassion. 5. A Roman Lamp The Roman lamp is the official symbol of Delta Zeta; consider a green stone Roman lamp with inlaid shards of rose quartz. She can burn it while studying, having coffee with her sorority sisters, or while kicking back with a good book. She will appreciate the association with her Greek organization, and the item’s practical use will come into play throughout her college career. 6. Flowers Never Get Old Whether it’s her birthday, an anniversary, or you just want to let her know you care, sending a bouquet of pink roses with some elegant greenery will promote the energy of Delta Zeta while letting her know she is in your thoughts. There are a number of online flower shops that offer great deals, or you can go to a brick and mortar shop, establish a relationship with the business for ongoing floral gifts, and surprise her in person with flowers in hand!

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When we think of America’s muscle we tend to imagine our nuclear capabilities, the men, and women of our armed forces, and the massive fire power that comes from Nimitz-Class aircraft carriers and fighter jets on bombing raids. As vital as these things are to keeping America safe and secure, there are some tiny unsung heroes that may be small in size but play massive roles in keeping our muscles strong and ready to respond to any threat. Our armed forces rely on custom military power supplies to work strategically with many variables that come together to achieve a goal, such as firing a torpedo or launching a drone. Here are just some of the ways these little guys help get big jobs done. Military Magnetic Applications Designed to be used from one extreme environment to the next, and for long periods of time, military-grade magnetic applications provide solutions to any magnetic problem. The highest quality military power supply magnets comply with MIL-STD-454 and MIL-PRF-202 standards in terms of design. These manufacturers have their own testing facilities to ensure the highest standards. The best custom designed MIL-SPEC magnetics are used in applications that power the following: ●Strategic and tactical missiles ●Missile defense systems ●Munitions ●Bomber aircraft and fighter aircraft ●Combat helicopters ●Naval torpedoes and shipboard systems ●Submarine equipment ●Military transport aircraft Often, existing equipment can be outfitted with custom modifications to achieve specific tasks, such as launching a torpedo at an intensive atmospheric pressure in freezing conditions. Converter and Transformer Military Power Supplies Military power supplies also come in the forms of converters and transformers. As a vital part of power management solutions for various applications, converters and transformers are used to power specific devices. For example, air and water-cooled transformers help power onboard missile launching systems on aircraft and in submarines. There is also a wide range of AC TO DC and DC to DC military power supplies commonly used for industrial purposes within the armed forces. How Military Power Supplies Power Aircraft and Vehicles From magnets to Transformers, military power supplies make the best aircraft and ground vehicles operate at full-function force in the most extreme conditions. Without them, aircraft wouldn’t have weapons, navigation systems, flight controls, night vision, hydraulic supply, comprehensive fuel systems, flight recorders and utility actuators. Furthermore, their missiles wouldn’t have guidance systems. As for vehicles, they would be left vulnerable without battlefield computers and ordinance loading capabilities. They would also be crippled without command/control communications. Depending on how many cross channels are involved, weather conditions, geographic coverage, and temperatures, certain operational components need to be customized and rigorously tested to meet extreme challenges in extreme places. Think Small When You See Big Power Next time you see a pair of F-16s thunder overhead at MACH 2, or you watch a battleship head out of port to sea, remember that military power supplies hand-made and tested through custom innovations are ultimately what keeps foreign threats in check. After all, without the converters, transformers, and magnetic technologies, our forces would be as effective as swordsmen on horseback.

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Going through the immigration process can be very overwhelming, and often people run into snags requiring the best immigration lawyers to help get them through the chaos and out into the clear. If your case is straightforward, you will likely be able to file your paperwork on your own. However, if there are some circumstances to your case making you may need to hire an immigration lawyer to manage your case. If you plan to hire an immigration attorney, you need to do some research because a good lawyer can be your key to having a legal stay or citizenship, while under-skilled legal representation can make your problems even worse. Southern California is particularly tricky in going through immigration cases. Here are some considerations to keep in mind while searching for the best immigration lawyers in Los Angeles and Orange County. 1.Search the AILA The AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) is a body of attorneys and lawyers who work in immigration law. If you are beginning your search this is a great place to start, as it will attest to those who know the policies and fine details in laws surrounding immigration. Start by searching for immigration lawyers in your area with broad geographic locations. For example, you can do a Google search for “immigration lawyers in Orange County” and then narrow this to “immigration lawyers in Anaheim”. See who comes up, and look at the communities they serve. If you already have some names of lawyers, search for them in the AILA membership area, and see what populates. One final note; if your immigration lawyer does not show up in the AILA, this is not to say he isn’t qualified or exceptional, as belonging to the AILA is not a requirement to practice law. 2.Get Immigration Lawyer References Sometimes the old fashioned way of searching for something can be the best path to finding a winning solution. Talk to your colleagues, friends and family members; ask if any of them have used an immigration lawyer or know of someone who has. People are always on the ball to recommend a good lawyer who helped them win their case, and people are even more adamant to warn against bad lawyers. 3.Create a Short List of Lawyers, then Interview Them As you do a search for local immigration lawyers, create a list of the ones who appear to match your needs. There are numerous case types in immigration law, so look for lawyers who have successful records in defending people with cases similar to your own. Once you have that finalized list call the law firms and interview your potential attorney. Try to determine the lawyer’s work style, dedication to communication, genuine care for his clients, and any other areas important to you. You can also ask the attorney to provide client references to help you make your final decision. 4.Check Your Lawyer’s Credentials The last thing you need is to pay for legal support and work with a lawyer why was disbarred. Even if you think you’ve found the top immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, contact the state bar to find out if the attorney is licensed and in good standing with the state of California. If they are facing disciplinary action, you are better off choosing another lawyer. 5.Compare Fee Structures Some lawyers charge hourly, while others bill for flat fees. On top of that, some accept payment plans and have internal lines of credit, while others don’t. You will want to work with a lawyer who bills in a manner you can comfortably work with. You should also ask if there could be any additional charges such as courier fees. Do Your Homework! Finding a good immigration attorney is not as easy as hiring a plumber. You need to really dig your heels into the ground and do your research to unearth the best immigration lawyers in your area who can navigate you out of the chaos of paperwork and uncertainties thus restoring your peace of mind.