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Most of us have a lot of makeup in our bathrooms. It can be found strewn on the counter, crammed into vanity drawers, and overflowing small makeshift storage containers. Each day we threaten to put an end to the clutter, and quickly forget our plight until the next time we apply our makeup. Putting an end to this frustration starts with researching the different makeup storage options available to you. How Much Storage Do You Need? Organizing your makeup will likely end up being something that you wish that you would have done much sooner when you experience just how good it feels to have everything in its place. Getting a makeup collection organized may only take one reasonably sized storage container, or it may take several. You must first look at just how much makeup you need to keep organized before you decide on a container. Regardless of how much makeup you do have, there are nearly endless makeup storage options available that will help you get organized. What Type of Makeup Are You Organizing Just as there are several types of makeup, there are several types of storage containers to keep it tidy. Containers that have special slots or compartments that are perfectly sized for lipstick tubes and nail polish bottles make it a breeze to store these items separately from the rest of your collection. If you have a large amount of one type of makeup this might be your best option. Generally, there are several sizes of these custom containers available so you can easily pick the one best suited for how much you need to store. Endless Options to Satisfy Every Personality and Need We are all different, and so are our preferences. Some may prefer a cylinder or cup style of makeup brush storage container; and you may find that a roll up brush pouch better suits your fancy. Since you will have plenty of sizes, styles, colors, and materials to choose from, it won't be hard to find a comfortable system to organize your makeup. Just remember to choose one you feel comfortable with using daily. Popular Makeup Storage Containers Makeup organizers such as acrylic cubes and counter top containers, makeup carousels, box bags, makeup storage boxes, and expandable cylinders are all among the most popular storage containers. The acrylic versions of each design are often chosen over those made from other materials. Acrylic storage containers take makeup storage to a whole new level because you can see everything and find things more quickly. A Container for Every Need and Budget Though acrylic containers are considered more convenient and aesthetically pleasing, they can be quite expensive. However, there are plenty of cheap makeup storage options if these are out of your budget. If able to spend a little extra for acrylic containers, you should definitely do so, you will likely be happy with your decision for many years to come. Maybe you are interested in testing product for free, here is a big chance, view more: Test Makeup Products Free

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Hello! Today's post is my second review for Beauty Big Bang. This time I tried their mirror powder. These powders works best with a gel polish, but as I said in my previous post I don't use gel, so I'm trying this mirror powder over regular nail polish. This silver mirror chrome nail powder ( can be used over any color. I tried it with five different colors - yellow, grey, purple, pink and blue. As you can see it works great with every one of them. The powder comes in a little pot with an applicator. One important thing I want to say: Don't forget to use a liquid latex, because this powder is impossible to clean. If you like something from the Beauty Big Bang site you can visit here( They offer free worldwide shipping over 1 item and you can pay with Paypal or credit card.

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Women have a lot to choose from when they come to the beauty salon in order to get a manicure. However more often than not you will get asked whether you would like gel or acrylic nails applied. Here are a few things to know about both types of fake nails before you make a final decision. How are acrylic nails applied? They have been a staple in the beauty industry for years and their popularity is ever increasing because of their longevity. They are applied using a type of liquid monomer and a powder polymer in order to create a hard protective layer around your natural nails. Once the acrylic has hardened, it then becomes the perfect canvas to apply colour on. How are gel nails applied? Gel nails are becoming popular because they have the same strength as acrylic nails but the looks of natural nails. They are applied by using a base coat, polish colour and top coat under a UV light because gel nails only harden when they are exposed to UV light. Which type of nail is better? Both acrylic nails and gel nails will strengthen nail and will make your fingers look more slender. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of acrylic nails: If they happen to break off, it is usually relatively easy to fix it at home. Their removal is rather simple when done by a professional, the nails are soaked rather than filled off. When cared for properly and when fitted correctly, acrylic nails can last a very long time. They are a lot cheaper than gel nails. Disadvantages of acrylic nails: They can damage the nail bed which can then become a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. If applied incorrectly, acrylic nails can look a lot less natural than gel nails. They cannot be applied during pregnancy due to the strong chemicals and fumes which are involved during their application. Advantages of gel nails They look more natural and are also glossier than many other types of false nails. They have a very fast curing time and will therefore provide great results in no time at all. They are consider a more eco-friendly option because the chemicals used to apply them lack fumes. Disadvantages of gel nails They are less durable and their application costs more than acrylic nails. They are harder to apply at home as their application requires the use of a UV lamp. They are harder to fix if they break as they tend to shatter. Gel nails are removed by being filled off and more often than not cannot be soaked off as is the case with acrylic nails. Even though both types of false nails can be applied at home, it is often best to get a professional to do it. Especially as the fumes emanating from the chemicals used for the application of acrylic nails may overwhelm you at home and without a UV lamp it will be very difficult to get your gel nails to harden. Which nails to choose? While both types can be styled the way you want, so the choice is yours. It is often best to ask your friends which nails they have applied or to confer with a manicurist as there are many variables to choose from.

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UV gel nail polish, like every other beauty product can cause damage to your natural nails if improperly removed. Simply wearing UV gel polish can not cause damage to your nails. The risk of damage usually occurs during the removal process. If you're already familiar with UV gel nail polish, you'll know that getting it off your nails is not as straight forward as it is with regular nail polish. The process of removing UV gel is called a "soak off". It involves using acetone to dissolve the gel nail polish from your nails. The process can either be done by soaking your fingers in a bowl that contains acetone, or placing cotton wool soaked in acetone on your nails. Whichever method is chosen, the overall goal is the same - to safely remove UV gel nail polish from your nails without damaging your natural nails. The amount of time it takes to complete the soak off varies from person to person. The average time is 10 to 20 minutes. It is very important to ensure the gel polish is not forcefully scraped off the nail, instead the acetone should be allowed to do it's job and break the bond between the natural nail and gel polish. Forcefully removing it will result in taking a layer of the natural layer off inadvertently as is it still stuck to the gel polish. If this occurs frequently causes damage, the natural nail will end up being thin, brittle, and weak. There are a few things you can do to ensure you smooth and safe soak off. Here are a few tips to make the process go smoothly and quickly. A week before you plan on doing your soak off, apply cuticle oil to your nails daily. Always break the gel polish seal by gently rubbing the surface of the nail with a nail file. This will allow the acetone to penetrate all layers of polish that have been applied Heat definitely speeds up the process so using a manicure bowl that allows moderately hot water to be placed under it will heat up the acetone, allowing the gel polish to come off the natural nail a lot quicker than it normally would. If you use the cotton wool soak off method, then placing your hands in a heated accessory such as the microwavable heat packs used for back and joint pains will do the trick. Acetone can be very drying so always add a few drops of cuticle oil to your acetone before soaking off your gel polish. Following these tips should ensure you are able to safely remove your gel nail polish leaving your natural nails healthy. The most important thing to remember is gel polish should never be forcefully scraped off the nail. If you get your nails done in a beauty salon or at a nail bar, make sure the technician isn't forcing the gel off due to time constraints. If the technician is running late on their next appointment, the temptation to force the gel polish off is much greater, so always pay close attention to the removal process. The alternative is to do your own soak off at a time that suits you.

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If you want to make french tips nail art, you have to make sure that the condition of the skin around the nails is in perfect condition, because it will be highly noticeable, especially if the base of the nails is nude, it will blend in with the skin of the fingers, which will draw attention to this area. So, dry cuticles, dirt and leftovers of old nail art are forbidden. Here are some steps which will show you how to deal with these flaws: The hand scrub and the orange stick are the tools that will make the skin around the nails look flawless. But before the exfoliating procedure of the hands, you have to soften the cuticles in order to come off easily. So, apply cuticle oil or petroleum jelly all around the fingers (including the nails) and wait a few minutes until the product work properly. Then exfoliate with the hand scrub and rub the fingers with the orange stick to remove any dirt and old cuticles. Then rinse with water and moisturize the hands immediately. The oils from the moisturizer might bother the nail polish, which leads to the next steps: clean the nails with white apple vinegar. The french manicure requires perfectly shaped nails, which means that you have to use the nail file to create a square shape of the nails. Now the application of the nail polishes might start: prepare the nails with a base coat. Let it dry and apply the french manicure base – in our case, nude and beige nail polish. Apply two layers if the nail polish is not opaque. Let it dry completely. Then stick a tape strip diagonally at the tip of the nail. Paint the corner with non-glitter color. Wait a few seconds for the nail polish to tighten and remove the tape. Then stick another tape strip on the other direction and paint the other corner with glitter nail polish. Make sure that the colors are matched together. When the layers of nail polish are all dry, you can lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat. Done!

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Numerous potential mothers are probably wondering, "Is it okay to do my nails during pregnancy?" Fortunately, you can do your nails while pregnant. However, do so with caution. Listed here are some approaches regarding picking a safe nail polish during pregnancy. (Img Source: nail polish for sale) Where to Polish For starters, consider where to do a manicure or pedicure. It is recommended to avoid beauty salons while expecting. The foremost risk presented by nail treatments is smelling dangerous fumes. A bit of the substances in the treatments could also soak in through your skin or mistakenly be consumed if you touch your nails up to your lips. In the event that you go to a beauty salon to have a manicure or pedicure, you will likely be vulnerable to the harmful substances in the nails treatments not only applied to your nails, but also those associated with everybody else having their nails painted simultaneously. A few people suggest bringing along your personal safer polishes to the salon, unfortunately you will still be around any other fumes in the salon. Choosing a Polish It is wisest to select a water-based safe nail polish during pregnancy. In case you are not willing to transition to a water-based formula, at a minimum, pick out a formula that is three free. A good number of labels of lacquer nowadays are 3 free, indicating that they do not incorporate dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, or formaldehyde. DBP is very destructive to pregnant women because it is a toxin that targets fetal growth and reproduction. Toluene is also toxic while expecting and could cause developmental injury to the unborn infant. Formaldehyde causes cancer and might cause annoyance or an allergic reaction on your fingers. Even when you decide upon a solvent-based polish which is 3 free, it will nonetheless include volatile fumes, so be sure there is reasonable ventilation when you are polishing and drying your fingernails or toenails! Why not pick a water-based formula during pregnancy? Some safe nail polish brands to go with are Acquarella, Keeki Pure & Simple, and Scotch Naturals. What About Polish Remover? Traditional nail polish remover is utilized to remove traditional nail polish and artificial nails and contains acetone as the main ingredient. Shellac nail polish is taken off using pure acetone. The possible health problems of acetone can include eye discomfort, drying of the nails owing to repeat or extended exposure, and breathing in excessive concentrations can potentially result in nausea, headache, lightheadedness, unconsciousness, and respiratory irritability. Possible substitute types of pregnancy safe nail polish remover are Scotch Naturals soy-based remover, Acquarella water-based remover, and Keeki Pure & Simple non-toxic remover. What About Acrylic Nails? The safety concerns for wearing fake nails while expecting include smelling the dust and harmful chemicals and developing a bacterial or fungal problem in between the acrylic and true nail. Even though you may have applied fake nails before getting pregnant, you may be much more susceptible to the smell and more likely to have a hypersensitivity to the chemicals.