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by on October 19, 2021
You are invited to a party or a birthday and find yourself empty-handed on Christmas Day or any other occasion. When it is fashionable to give a gift but do not have time to go to the store at the local florist. Stay calm visit As Gifts has the solution to your problem you will find below our selection of the best last-minute dematerialized gift ideas for all budgets.

1 - Reforest'Action: Offer Trees and Do Something For The Planet

Both an original gift and a gesture for the planet, Reforest'Action had a good idea to set up pretty printable gift cards that allow you to offer trees to your loved ones. You can personalize them for any occasion and even add a message to them. The card contains a code that will allow whoever you gift it to choose from among the many reforestation projects underway around the world, where they would like the trees to be planted. Or better yet, the two of you can do it and share this moment together!

2 - The Box That Supports Small French Artisans

We have already presented the box "here present" in a previous list of gift ideas, it has the advantage of being in fact a voucher that allows you to choose from over 1600 local products from the region. Offering the box here to your loved ones means offering a choice in many categories: beers, jewelry, chocolates, confectionery, cosmetics, decoration, leather goods, local products, etc Here works on the same principle as traditional leisure boxes with a voucher and a booklet that allows you to choose the desired gift (s), they offer boxes to be printed at the last minute on various themes: for women, for men, 100 % Organic, to share, birth, etc

3 - Loisirs Auctions Gift Card: Offer Fun and Leisure

One of the most original gift cards is because it allows you to credit an account on the Loisirs Enchères site, which specializes in online auctions of leisure activities. The person to whom you offer it can therefore bid on all current sales and pay with their gift card, valid for 1 year. In addition to the pleasure of online auctions, he or she can afford the gift of his or her choice since Loisirs Enchères offers several auction categories: beauty, box, leisure, travel, etc. The gift cards are customizable with different visuals and the text of your choice, all you have to do is print it or send it by email to the recipient.

4 - The Dematerialized Gift Card to Offer The Choice

If this is not the most original gift, it remains nevertheless essential since it allows the person to whom you offer it to choose what really makes him want, almost all sites offer gift cards dematerialized to print from Amazon to FNAC.

5 -An Eco-Responsible and Beauty Box

Among the many boxes dedicated to feminine beauty, our favorite remains by far the Belle au Naturel box for its environmental commitments; because it only offers products from full-size brands certified 100% Organic and not tested on animals. Only natural products, as the name suggests, and they have also set up an offer of personalized dematerialized gift cards, which can offer a subscription from 1 to 12 months. You just have to adapt it to the person you want to give it to with a little message for them, then all you have to do is print it.

6 - The Traditional Box of Leisure Activities

Another dematerialized gift idea with the queen of leisure activity boxes which offers the printing of its boxes in paper or digital format to send by email, ideal to offer at the last minute. Like the classic gift card, it is not the most original but has the advantage of great diversity for all budgets.

7 -Offer A Magazine Subscription

Another dematerialized gift idea is to offer a magazine subscription; this is not the choice that is lacking with more than 2000 press titles available from the sector leader ViaPresse, which offers a last-minute gift system well created. It takes the form of a pretty customizable letter to print, which allows you to offer a subscription of 3, 6, or 12 months to a loved one on a theme that he or she appreciates. The latter will then receive his magazine directly in his mailbox and will therefore think of you regularly.

8 - The Box Set For Culture Lovers

Boxes are on the same principle as the classic leisure boxes but more original on the cultural theme. They allow access to a wide range of concerts and shows, visits to monuments or museums, etc ... They allow you to collect tickets for one or more events of your choice. They also work with a gift code and a booklet that allows you to choose your events from a wide selection and is printable to offer at the last minute. Culture in the City offers cultural events throughout France with more than 1000 partners and the boxes are valid for 3 years!

9 -Wootbox: The Box Of Collector's Items For Geeks

Woodbox offers geek culture boxes that bring together licensed collectors' objects from films, series, and other video or manga games, each box offers a selection of objects on a different theme that changes each month. It is possible to offer a subscription to one of these boxes and it is enough to print a gift voucher to offer, he or she will then receive his or her gift directly during the chosen subscription period. Woodbox also offers individual boxes and gift cards.

10 - Tick'nbox: The Box Set For Sporting Events and Amusement Parks

At the base, Tick'NBox was specialized in boxes that allow attending major sporting events: handball, Formula 1, football, rugby, or tennis. This is still the case, of course, but they now also offer tickets to major leisure parks: Disneyland, Futuroscope, Parc Astérix, Puy du Fou, Beauval zoo, etc. The boxes are available by a sports club or by amusement park but also generalists to offer supporters as well as amateurs not inclusive of a specific club. The boxes contain 1 to 16 entries and are valid for 2 years, like the others they are printable to offer in paper format or dematerialized to send by email.

11 - The Ideal Gift Card For Gamers and Geeks

An original gift idea for gamers since it is the specialty of the shop4 online store, which offers a large choice of video games but also board games, licensed clothing, CDs and DVDs, collector's items, etc. Leader in the sector, the shop4 printable dematerialized gift card (or to be sent by email) allows the person to whom you offer it to choose what they like from a huge catalog, from the latest pre-order novelty to the board game that was in the pipeline.
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