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by on October 21, 2021
Being a cabin crew member is like having a wanderlust career, a new place every day, chances to see the best places, and the taste of a luxurious lifestyle. With the help of the best cabin crew training course, you could now be in one of the largest career categories of the growing travel industry.

Overview Of Cabin Crew Course In Kolkata

Cabin crew personnel play a vital role in helping passengers feel at home during air travel. Their role is to assist the passengers' comforts & safety and maintain the decorum inside flight by being attentive and affirmative. The career doesn't require much formal education till the 12th standard, and having a good command of languages is an added advantage.
With the help of a cabin crew training institute in Kolkata, you would have many chances of meeting different people worldwide. In addition, you would also experience the diverse cultures of cities around the world.

Educational Qualification Needed For Cabin Crew Training In Kolkata

One must remember seeing flight attendants mostly tall, young, and physically fit. This is a necessary attribute. There is, of course, a lot of other stress than looking good. You would need to have good vision, no visible tattoos or piercing when you wear your uniform. You would also need to have excellent communication skills and hospitality skills. The age bar for entry into the field is 25 years. Every airline company also has a specific list of physical attributes that they look for in their crew.

Cabin Crew Course In Kolkata

There are aviation management and hospitality diplomas and certifications—these range from three months to one year. A diploma and certificate's course structure slightly varies in terms of in-depth knowledge, extra flying hours, and extensive course curriculum. A diploma is a more advanced level of certification. However, you need to carefully research and obtain feedback from past students before enrolling in any program. This is to ensure the security and a legit certificate of the cabin crew training course.
Diploma and certificate courses can span from 3 months to 12 months. The total investment is approximately up to 150,000 INR. First, a candidate must successfully undergo the screening procedure, written test, GD, and face-to-face interview. After the selection procedure, the first part of the training covers hospitality, emergency procedures, and grooming.
Once that is over, the education to be a cabin crew member starts on trainee aircraft. Several non-technical and technical aircraft-related subjects are covered from theory to practice. In addition, rigorous training in in-flight services like serving meals, passenger psychology, handling, emergency evacuation system, hijacking situation, emergency demonstrations are covered. The best cabin crew training institute in India also assists students in finding the proper placement, albeit at an additional cost.

Salary Structure After Completing Cabin Crew Training

A cabin crew member can be recruited by domestic, private, and international airline companies. Once selected, the cabin crew member also has to go through the airline's specific training course. This usually occurs no more than three to eight weeks long. This training familiarizes you with their service standards and protocols. The starting salary of a crew member ranges from 15,000 INR to 30,000 INR.
The salaries keep increasing as seniority keeps rising, going up to 75,000 INR a month. If you can join an international airline, the salary can considerably increase your income, earning 1.5 lakh INR to 2 lakh INR a month. But the competition is exceptionally fierce out there. A limited 7-10 years is the average maximum time a cabin crew remains on an aircraft.
There are also many roles that you can undertake, like ground crew or also positions at a managerial level. The latter, however, requires further studies. A successful cabin crew member can later find a career in hospitality and travel, food and beverages, and many more.
Pros Of Being A Cabin Crew Member
1. Travel and see many new places while you get paid for it.
2. Discounted and sometimes even free airline tickets for you, your family, and your friends.
3. Limited hours of monthly flying.
4. International medical insurance.
5. Paid annual vacation.
6. Free premium accommodation and transportation.
7. Discount on Duty-Free shopping at major airports across the world.

Cons Of Being A Cabin Crew Member

1. Erratic flying schedule and jet lags.
2. Always be polite with the passengers on the flight.
3. Comfort the passengers.
4. Unpleasant scenarios of hospitality.
5. The physical toll of flying long hours.

What's It Like During Cabin Crew Training In Kolkata?

Inside The Classrooms Of The Cabin Crew Training Institute In Kolkata
You have a pre-course workbook. This you have to complete before you attend the cabin crew course in Kolkata for the first time. You usually get it about 20 days before your cabin crew course in Kolkata starts. So you get to learn loads from that, and then you can bring it to the classroom, which just makes it easier!

The trainers are mostly friendly and helpful. If you have any questions about any issues, just ask your teachers. They are there to help you.
It's incredible how many "what if" scenario questions get asked. The answers really make you realize all the different aspects of the role. The time goes by quickly with your cabin crew training course in Kolkata.

The Drills And Exams

You will get a timetable, and you'll see when your exams are so that you can prepare yourself. This is a fascinating part of joining a cabin crew training course. The exams are outstanding, and they're multi-choice. Thus, if you revise the night before, you will be able to pass through your exams without any hassle! Most of it is common sense. So, you need not be afraid about the theory exams.
Depending on what timetable you get, you'll do your wet drills on the second last day. These are such fun! It's such an informative and fun day, but also really tiring.

The Graduation Ceremony

On the last day of your cabin crew training course in Kolkata, you will get your attestation. At this point, you realize how close your group has become. It is incredible how much you can bond with your batchmates in one week. Think how close friends you will be within three to four weeks down the line!!

Ending Note

Every profession has its own disadvantages and advantages. The complete experience of being a cabin crew member is like no other. Being introduced to different people, lifestyles, places, and situations will enhance your client service skills. It would also teach you to be a team player and adventurer at a very young age. A few days will be great, and a few will be pretty bad and challenging! There are various times when you have to make callous decisions during your career and personal life. But if taking a cabin crew training course has been your dream – there is no better satisfaction. You get to fly for the rest of your life!
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