by on October 23, 2021
What is music? The music is the sound of a different instrument or instruments, including rhythm, notes and special harmonies with weighted or non-verbal words. History of music Music has a very ancient history. From the very beginning, man was aware of the effect of these rhythms and continuous notes on himself, so he decided to use its effect, and that is why there are always religious ceremonies, joy, سئو خارجی sorrow and many important moments of human life with music. It is intertwined. The reason for the popularity of music To find out the influence of music and its popularity, you do not need to research the world's leading universities and statistics, and just take the subway or bus, that's it! Normally, you will see a lot of people listening to handsfree and headphones on a daily basis, and if you walk down the aisle, you may see more people listening to music. but why? Why did these notes become so important in our lives? But what are the characteristics of music that have fascinated us so much? Much research has been done in this field and there are several theories about it, but there is no definitive conclusion for this question. The effect of music on dopamine secretion Thousands upon thousands of hormones on the surface of our brain and body are doing vital and side-by-side activities at every moment, دریافت بک لینک but dopamine is probably the body's most popular hormone and is better known than any other hormone. Dopamine is one of the vital and necessary hormones of the body that many people probably remember when they hear its name because it is considered by many to be a pleasure hormone, but in fact dopamine has many other functions. The brain secretes dopamine when it listens to music. This creates a feeling of joy and happiness, and the music circulates this dopamine throughout the body and causes excitement. Anything that is physiologically prone to change certainly has undeniable power. The effect of music on blood pressure, respiration and heart rate Researchers have found that music rhythms coordinate with the heartbeat, مشاوره سئو which can improve blood pressure and respiration. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the type of music itself plays an important role in making changes, but in any case, when a person likes a certain type of music or rhythm, it indicates that he is happy with these changes caused by music in his body. Is and can be adapted to these changes. The role of music in the exchange of feelings and emotions Indeed, music is one of the strongest reflections of human emotion,خرید بک لینک قوی and reflects inner emotions. We are not always able to be in different situations in life and we can not understand every situation. Music acts as a bridge between hearts and emotions and experiences and can make us better understand the situations of different people in life and be able to understand being in those situations. In other words, the music of fireworks expresses our minds in words and is more skilled than any psychologist or psychiatrist. Music weapon Music in the modern world means struggle! شود است وب عنوان تعداد خرید بک لینک معتبر It means war! People who believe in the power of words and melodies more than weapons and tanks and conflict have become myths for today's young generation and previous fighting generations. How many victories are directed by the musicians and their motto was a piece of music. How many are the silent shouts that were manifested in music. How many have a deep faith in the magic of music?
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