Abhishek Jain
by on October 26, 2021

The web development sector keeps evolving rapidly, and that explains why technologies that are in vogue now would become obsolete in a few years. The frameworks and tools available for developing websites and applications are aplenty. However, the platforms and technologies developed by Microsoft continue to be in demand year after year. A majority of web development professionals prefer using some form of Microsoft frameworks and tools for their work.

Why choose a Microsoft Web Development Technology partner?

You will find a number of agencies offering web development solutions that have the accreditation of being Microsoft web development technology partners. They showcase certifications awarded by the technology giant on their websites as well.

You can definitely hire an agency offering dot net development services that do not have the tag of a Microsoft Web Development Technology Partner. However, when you hire an entity with that certification or accreditation, it ensures you get quality products or solutions. To obtain such accreditations, an agency has to fulfil certain technical requirements, and its service standard has to be lofty. These agencies adhere to certain protocols and standards while developing solutions for their clients.

Ensuring you hire the best Microsoft Web Development Technology Partners

You may want your website or application to be developed by a company that is a certified Microsoft Web Development Technology Partner. Nowadays, you can find such agencies in your region, or you may also look for web development outsourcing entities with such tags. In any case, you will have to assess the contenders well and use some vital parameters for evaluation.

  • Specialization- Not all web development agencies that are certified Microsoft Web Development Technology Partners offer Microsoft technologies exclusively. They may offer Microsoft platform based packages along with other technologies for their clients. This is something you have to check. If your business work is done using Microsoft technologies and ecosystem, hiring an agency that uses its technology exclusively makes sense.

  • Portfolio- You have to assess the portfolio of the agency offering Microsoft web development technologies. Check out its websites and applications for speed, efficacy, security and cross-platform compatibility. Are you satisfied with the functionality and navigation? Also check how well it has integrated these web technologies into its websites.

  • Updated technology- Microsoft keeps updating its software solutions and web development frameworks periodically. This is applicable for its offerings like Office 365, Azure and Dot net technology platforms. When hiring a company that is a certified Microsoft Web Development Technology Partner, check how updated it is. Does the agency use the newest version of a Microsoft framework or tool or not? If it uses outdated tools and frameworks, the certification alone won’t cut much ice.

  • Customization options- When you think of hiring a dot net application development company for your business needs, you have to know about the customization options. It may vary from one company to another-for sure. For example, you may want a multilingual website or a web application that integrates with various third-party services though it is based on Microsoft technologies.

  • Client reviews- Before you sign up for the services of a dot net application development agency, its client opinions should be checked. Find out what the clients say about its skill in specific MS platforms and technologies. The good thing is you can find out the client's feedback easily, and using social media platforms is all you need to do. It would be great if you find an agency that has experience of working with clients hailing from the same niche as your brand.

  • Response type- Not every Microsoft Web Development Technology Partner agency is the same. You have to check out its response type to figure out suitability for your business. It is not only about possessing certification in specific disciplines of web development. You also need to check how flexible and cooperative the entity is. Is the agency willing to explain the nuances of its packages to you? A reliable agency will offer you a detailed session for initial discussions.

  • Service terms- Before signing up for the services of an agency that is a certified Microsoft Web Development Technology Partner, you must check its service terms whether you hire the agency to get an application or website developed; service terms matter. You have to look out for areas of exclusion so that hassles can be evaded in the long run. Ensure you get everything about the cost clarified before the deal is finalized.

  • Support options- This can be a tricky area. You may hire an agency that has certification from Microsoft for specific web development tools and technologies. You need to know what type of support you will get and from whom? If your application develops a snag in future, will the agency offer you direct support? Or you will have to fall back on Microsoft for support? If you get support from the agency, will it be limited or comprehensive? It is better if you get 24x7 support in multiple channels.

Hiring and assessing a Microsoft certified web development technology solution provider can be quite time-consuming. You should not be in a hurry when assessing these entities.

Summing it up

Microsoft is known for making tools and frameworks that are used extensively for web development across the world. Hiring a Microsoft certified web development technology partner agency can be useful if you want your website or app to be feature-rich and functional. However, assess these agencies on some key grounds before finalizing a deal.

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