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by on November 1, 2021

In spite of its little size, an evaporator's Sight Glass has enormous significance. In this post, we'll cover how to supplant an old or breaking down Sight Glass so you can keep your boilers working and your working environment safe. 

Note that various kinds of glass and various lengths of glass will furnish you with various readings. Continuously ensure that the glass you're utilizing is evaluated for your evaporator. Presently we should begin! 

No Pressure

Check to ensure the shut-off valves are firmly shut, or ensure your kettle is totally unfilled of tension and water. Be positive that there is no tension in the line prior to supplanting your Sight Glass, or you hazard genuine injury. In our Sight Glass substitution showing video, we utilize a heater that isn't terminating or snared in. 

Down the Drain

When you're positive the line has no tension, valve the water section off, and channel the water from the measure through a valve at the base. Eliminate the defensive poles, separate the nuts on the top and lower part of the sight, and twist them off. 

Some Sight Glass fenced-in areas have a "seat" or "stop" where the lower part of the glass rests - make certain to represent that seat when estimating your new glass. Slide the glass up and out of the nook, then, at that point, you're prepared to quantify for your new glass. 

As Easy As 1-2-3 

Measure from valve face to valve face, and make certain to factor in the profundity of the seat. This estimation is the way tall you should cut your substitution glass. You should now have another piece of glass, new metal and elastic washers, and the nuts you eliminated before. To each finish of the glass, slide your parts on in a specific order: 

  1. Nut 
  2. Metal washer 
  3. Elastic washer 

The metal washer keeps the nut from gouging the elastic washer, so ensure these three pieces are on all put together in the two finishes of the glass to keep away from any possible harm. 

Cozy and Secure 

Slide the highest point of the glass through the base passageway of the top valve (you will not have the option to slide the glass through the top, since the nuts and washers are appended) and settle the lower part of the glass into its seat or plug. Hand-string the nuts to begin, and move the washers into position. On the off chance that your glass has a line in it, make certain to confront it towards the back. 

Since your Sight Glass is set up, utilize a wrench to wrap up fixing the nuts. When fixing, the objective is "somewhat more than cozy" - tight enough it's protected, yet not really close it breaks the glass. 

Maximum speed 

Presently you're prepared to set up the defensive bars back, fix the channel valve at the lower part of the sight, and open the valves back up. Your Sight Glass is the window to your kettle indeed.

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