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Bitcoin mixer: It is the type of internet platform in which offers the service of mixing your coins into your owner's coins, and that mixing coins returned to you in a cleaned condition. On the other hand: a Coinmixer is a service in which your user obscures the ties between their Bitcoins user's addresses and real-world identities. It makes our transactions on the blockchain invisible. To some extent it is. possible to track the mix deposited Bitcoins.

There are the top 4 Bitcoin mixers in 2022:

2-Smart mixer

3-Chip mixer

4- Mixer Money

This is the best Bitcoin mixer on the is a very user-friendly and also secure platform for beginners. The only information that is requested from the client is the address to which the previously deposited cryptocurrency funds will be returned and the user interface is quite easy to interact with and it does not require you to have any technical knowledge. It allows us to determine how much they are willing to pay offers a service fee. It offers service fees between 0.5% and 2.5%, and each user can choose the amount to be paid for each transaction.

io benefits:

  • The Availability of a large reserve fund of already cleaned coins.
  • It Uses up to eight Bitcoin addresses. The more addresses used in mixing the Bitcoin the harder it is to trace those transactions.
  • Their is the major ability to include up to eight addresses for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency.


Smart Mixer:

This mixer is famous for its simplicity and convenience of use. It is. also.most popular blender today. It also promises the complete history of transactions with crypto. This service offers fast and delayed payouts. It offers the following mixing options: mixing with the coins of other participants, with the personal reserves of the site, and with the cryptocurrency of investors. It offers a low fee of 0.5% per transaction and a flat base fee of 0.0001 BTC for each payout Bitcoin address.

  • Smart Mixer Benefits:
  • The mixer offers the option to delay payments and to send your new coins to more than one Bitcoin address.
  • The transactions need only two confirmations to go through.
  • That is very convenient for customers that users do not need to provide any registration data, and a small fee for coin cleaning is deducted from the mining fee.
  • It only takes a few minutes of processing the mixing of coins itself.



It is that type of service in which that helps you keep your user data safe from blockchain tracking software. Donating and betting function on the same principle as merging and splitting. There are no transaction fees on this mixer, but donations are accepted. The features of this mixer can create a difference between the input and output, but it only adds to the privacy of the transaction. This mixer has a different size and increased potentiality the power of two Logs is available for seven days, and it doesn't offer a Letter of Guarantee.

Chipmixer benefits:

  • The service uses pre-funded wallets to deliver your Bitcoin, making tracing impossible.
  • Its function is only the donation service only.



Mixer money is a Bitcoin blender that splits the funds received from each user into smaller parts and mixes them with funds from other clients. You receive untraceable coins into your new Bitcoin address as smaller payments. Clean' coins are returned in small portions to the address specified by the user. The service doesn't require user registration, and the Bitcoin mixing process takes up to six hours. You can mix funds ranging from 0.003 and up to 50 BTC.

Mixer money benefits:

  • It uses two blending algorithms and deletes all data regarding transactions after 48 hours.
  • It is a quick service.
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