Zhan Shi
by on November 15, 2021

Aluminum Stage Truss made of aluminum alloy frames, or steel shelves plus a stage plate, where the screw rod of the stage frame is, what is the function.

The height of the stage can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the ground, and the high and low adjustment ranges within 20 cm. The conventional stage shelf has 40 cm, 60cm, 80cm these heights. For example, the stage height you want is 70cm, then you can choose 60cm stage frame, then take 10cm adjustment. The ground height is high and the low difference is 20 cm, and can be adjusted by a screw.

The screw is the stage where the stage is close to the ground, with threads, adjust the stage shelf height by rotating.

A detailed view of a single portion of the screw can be clearly seen, ie the same thread is the same as the screw. Of course, the screw and the above picture are a bit different, namely the base, conventional circular. Some are necessary, manufacturing this good square, can be fixed on the ground.

The screw is a very important part of the adjustment of the height in Aluminum Stage Truss.

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