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by on November 15, 2021
Super king bedding are challenging to tackle, but with the help of super king fitted sheets, this tiring task becomes quite easier. There is no need for hospital corners; instead, just pop them on the mattress, and you are done. They have elastic all around or on all the four corners, which ensure a snack fitting that keeps the sheet in place and prevents detaching. They come with a handy label that is present in one of the corners to help you to get the fitted sheets on the mattress right away without struggling to find which corner goes which way. Usually, this label is kept in the bottom right corner of the mattress & the rest of the corners are adjusted accordingly. There are a number of reasons to use super king fitted sheets instead of flat or top sheets to make your master bedroom look organized and tidy. A few of these are described below so that you can have a better idea of why they are preferred over the flat sheets and so loved by people.

Benefits of using fitted sheets

Elastic corners

Fifty shades are larger pieces of fabrics with elastic coronavirus or elastic all around. These elastic bands are stitched inside each corner and help the sheets to stay in place lying in the uterus in a rumple free and comfortable space. They do not come off the mattress until they are detached personally.

Protect mattress

Mattresses are an essential part of every bedding. They are luxurious bedding components; therefore, they usually cost the most when compared with other elements. Beds are often covered with mattress pads for added softness, comfort, and thermal insulation. When they come in contact with the body directly, they tend to wear and tear soon by absorbing the body's moisture fluids and oils. If they are covered with fitted sheets, their average life can be enhanced by observing all the moisture, dust stains, and other factors that tend to weaken the fibers or rips. If a mattress is covered with fitted sheets, its average life can be increased up to 10 to 12 years.

Provides a comfortable sleeping surface

No one likes to sleep on a crease and rumpled bed, which is very likely in case of using flat or top shapes. On the contrary, if you opt for extra deep fitted sheets that fit your mattress correctly, you can achieve clean and wrinkle-free bedding where you will be able to sleep for hours. They are an excellent choice for guest rooms to create a homely feeling for guests and help them to sleep on a smooth surface.

Easy to remove and maintain

Most of the shirts are made from cotton or synthetic materials which do not require regular maintenance. They are machine washable, so there is no need to pay extra bills in the form of dry cleaning expenses. Moreover, their removal is effortless; all you need is to pluck one of the corners and detach the rest to remove the sheet. This easy removal makes the laundry process white easier compared with mattress covers, which are bulky and hard to remove.

Saves time

Suppose you are too busy to make your bed every morning in a rush to leave for your office, or even if you are a student & do not have enough time to organize your bed. You should go for fitted sheets because they stay in place no matter how the bed is being used. It means that there are fair chances of getting up next to a twinkle free in the morning. So you do not have to organize the sheets; instead, all you need is to fold your topper and arrange pillows and cushions against the bed head to make your bed. This saves you quite a lot of time that will likely be spent creating hospital coronaviruses of the flat sheet and tucking them under the mattress.


If you want to experience the pure luxury of comfortable sleep or save time in making the bed, you should definitely have a pair of premium quality fitted sheets. They will not only bring you comfort and tidy bedding but also protect your mattress and the mattress pad saving you money in the long run.
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