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by on November 16, 2021

Suppose if you take your car to a mechanic, he indicates that it requires some changes in the engine. He makes the changes and hands you over your modified vehicle. Will you call this a repair or remanufacturing? This article will discuss and unfold how a repair is different from remanufacturing. And whether they are two overlapping terms? An expert from the MOT station near me explained the difference thoroughly.

What is the Repair?

The dictionary meaning of a repair is any process of maintenance employed on equipment, vehicle, device, or machinery. The maintenance can be both physical and intangible. For example, any modification in the hardware of a computer is a repair. And the maintenance of its software is also a repair. The same goes for all vehicles. In vehicles, a repair specifically means replacing broken parts and fixing the wrecked connections, parts, and components. So the role of repair is just to replace a broken thing with a new one to avoid any further problem. For example, if you change a tire, that is a repair and if you change the battery, that is also a repair.

What is Remanufacturing?

The dictionary meaning of remanufacturing is the practice of manufacturing something again. As the name implies that it is a re-creation of something that is already been made. It is rebuilding something while sustaining its original specifications. It uses a combination of repaired, reused, amalgamated with new parts. It is an alternative approach to fix broken and exhausted segments of the car. For example, if an AC stops working, you will make it work again by modifying it in a way that it becomes new again. It can be achieved by inserting a new condenser and maintaining other old parts or the other way around.

Difference Between Repair And Remanufacturing

To understand the difference between repair and remanufacturing, you have to suppose a scenario in your mind. When a part of the car breaks down, you have two options; fix it or completely replace it with a new one. In repair, you will analyse the problem and trace where the issue lie. Then, you will fix the segment that is causing the issue. And with remanufacturing, the remanufacturers will dismantle the part and modify it in a way that you will be unable to differentiate it from a new whole part. So, the repair is all about fixing a problem and remanufacturing is recreating a product that is causing a problem.

Which One Is Better: Repair or Remanufacturing?

Determining which one is better between repair and remanufacturing is tough. There are certain variables, based on which, one can define which has distinction over the other. The repair is significant because it is employed over mundane maintenance activities. It is not all the time when you require remanufacturing. A repair is suitable to fix small problems and issues. Also, it is less time taking- making it feasible for most of the drivers. On the other hand, remanufacturing has enormous significance in terms of its effects on remanufactured parts. Remanufacturing gives new life to the segments, making them new again. And once you carry out this process, you restart the life of the part from day 1. Therefore, it is very apt to have remanufacturing done, once for all. Though it takes time, it is worth it. A repair may not last forever, and you may have to follow multiple repairs. Comparing it to buying a new part, it costs much cheaper. That is why remanufacturing is better if there is an expectation of a severe problem.


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