Snehil Prakash
by on November 16, 2021
Developing a Magento store from scratch will need a time anywhere between 1 month to 2 months based on what all features are needed.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the time frame
Initial Interview: [understand the client’s requirements and business goals.] This takes 1 – 2 days to come to finalize everything.
Magento Installation: [Buy, install and perform basic configuration.] It takes less than 1day
Plugins and modules: [Extensions for shopping, checkouts, blog layouts, payment, SEO extensions, etc] It will take 1-3 days.
Custom Module Development: [Based on need] At least 1 Day to “X” days
Theme: [Custom-made or pre-built] Custom can take months while pre-built can be set up in a few hours to a few days only.
Testing: Can take between 1 day to 1 month depending on the complexity of the project.
Final deployment: Once everything is done, it can take a couple of days.
The final time span can be approximately considered between 1 month to 3-month max based on the business requirements.
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